Have you done the latest thing – a Word Cloud?


I thought this was rather cool. The program picks out words from your blog. Go give it a try. On the knitting front, it has become apparent that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. Both Chery and Debi couldn’t seem to stand the fact that I wasn’t knitting socks toe up on two circular needles and Chery went a step further and egged me on to doing two socks at once. Behold:


These are out of Wildfoote yarn in the Bluegrass colorway. Chery sent me her excellent directions and Debi’s tutorial (Turkish cast on in her sidebar) made everything abundantly clear. I was rather proud of my accomplishment. That Turkish cast on is simply magic! I’m thinking of doing little sachet bags later in the year when our lavendar blooms. However, the jury remains out on using the two circs and doing two socks at once. I love my wooden dpn’s. They’re soft and polished from so much use and I don’t think I’ll give up on them any time soon.

Just in time for the Super Bowl, we’re hunkering down for a huge storm. On the news they showed a map with a big yellow arrow pointing toward the focal point of the winds and it’s pointing straight toward our island. They’ve predicted wind gusts of 70 mph and extended power outages (probably nothing compared to what Debi went through!). We’re prepared – Bill went out and cleared away some tree limbs, we have our emergency water (when the power goes out we lose water too) and the generator is full of gas. No need to board up windows – we’re protected by trees. That is, until one falls on the house. In our area that’s the biggest danger – trees falling and taking out power lines or houses. At least the storm is coming through the day before the football game, so let’s hope the power’s back on Sunday for all the Seahawks fans! Go Hawks!

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  1. Yikes! A big yellow arrow is rather scary! Hope the threat is exaggerated like weather predictions usually are here. We always get the awful things (major snowstorms, ice storms, tornados) when they’re not predicted. Surprise!

    This time of year I always make sure we have plenty of dog food in the house.

  2. Hey, the Word Cloud thing was neat, except mine had “Houston” really big right in the middle, LOL! The socks look marvy! Hope the storm isn’t too bad there.

  3. You’re braver than I, for trying the 2 socks at once.
    The storm has hit us up here, yet again. I’m so sick of this weather, spring can’t come soon enough!

  4. I’m glad you liked the turkish cast on! Brilliant, isn’t it? Actually I use magic loop, I perfer it to 2 circs but truth is neither method will ever repalce my beloved DPNs either! Toe ups are great when you want to use every scrap of yarn and use the world’s coolest cast on but I still prefer top down with my DPNs.

    Stay safe in your “unexpected” weather….we must really have pissed off Mother Nature, huh? đŸ™‚

    Go Seahawks!!!

  5. I just finished my first “two socks at once” project and boy was that way cool. I think I need to approach mastering the toe up sock next. I’ve been (successfully) avoiding it.

    Your socks look great and I really like that colorway.

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