C is for Claudia:


Claudia is my sister (my OLDER sister, despite what she may tell you). Well, not older by much. We are very close in age and my mom says I followed her around like a puppy when we were younger. We would play cowboys and she would be Wild Bill and I would be the sidekick. I still follow her around like a puppy and she takes me to all kinds of interesting places, like the ballet, the theater and art museums. She is not a knitter, but she tolerates yarn shops and even gave me a gift certificate to the Acorn Street Yarn Shop for Christmas (still to be spent – I got sick the weekend I was supposed to go). And did I mention I love her very much?

Here is my button for the Knitting Olympics (Nabbed from Sandy’s site, but I think Jen-La is the creator):


As much as I am dying to participate, between school, work, and upcoming vacation and other projects, I know better. However, I do have an Olympics goal. The first winter Olympics after I retire, I will knit an adult Dale sweater during the Olympics. If I like the sweater for that year, I will choose it. Otherwise, it will be one of the Olympic sweaters. You are welcome to remind me if you can remember.

I finished Snowdrop last night. It looks like a wrinkled, puckered mess. I always have this heart stopping moment when I finish knitting a lace piece wondering if this one will be the one to let me down at blocking. It hasn’t happened yet. I’ve got some time off coming and my husband is going to be gone, so I’ll have lots of free time. I’m going to try to really discipline myself to get some school papers written and my reward will be blocking Snowdrop, so pictures should be forthcoming. Other goal for time off – stitch and cut the Baby Dale. I’ll try to take pictures. And, if you have time, hop on over to the Fluffy Knitter. Deb has a great posting about laceweight cotton. I’ve never knitted lace with cotton, but her comments are enticing me to give it a try.

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  1. The Snowdrop is beautiful! Unblocked lace doesn’t look very impressive, does it?!
    I had to restrain myself from signing up for the Olympics at the last moment. I plan on just being a spectator this year.

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