I have this theory about Dale patterns. I believe that in the original Norwegian these patterns are such technical works of art that they make knitters weep for joy. I also believe that somewhere there is a sadistic translator cackling in glee over the fact that stupid Americans can’t knit these properly because he/she has made deliberate errors in translation. Just a theory, mind you.

But for proof I offer the Baby Dale. This is partially my fault because if I had been thinking at the beginning I would have seen this coming. After the ribbing, the pattern has you put 5 stitches (plus one edge stitch) on holders on each side for the front bands:


Later you go back and knit up the front bands separately and sew them on. As I said, I should have seen it coming – 5 stitches??? With #1 needles on fingering weight yarn, in ribbing, that hardly amounts to more than glorified I-cord. See?


This is too narrow to even qualify as a front band. Certainly too narrow for buttons or buttonholes. I took it to my LYS for advice and the general consensus was to knit a completely separate, wider band. But what do I do with the six live stitches at the lower edge?

It was suggested that I just fold those to the inside as a facing. But I have a better idea – I have a sewing machine and scissors, and I’m not afraid to use them. I think I’ll just consider that a mini-steek, sew and whack it off. So there, too! I AM the master of my knitting!

And, D is for – what else? Dogs!


It’s not usual to get Kirby and Hester in the same picture. Not that they don’t cuddle – they do. They just don’t like to be caught doing it. This picture took some coaxing. I can’t imagine not having dogs. We’ve had them almost since the day we were married and will continue as long as we can. They bring such joy, such love and such hassle into our lives! It would be so boring without them. Kirby (the Lhasa Apso) is the one with character – he is the dominant dog, despite the fact that Hester is twice his weight. He’s gutsy, opinionated and a little paranoid. But he is the quintessential lap dog. He would be happy to sit quietly on my lap all day long. Hester (the Corgi) is not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but she is sweet and gentle and loves to ride in the car. She would sit quietly and ride with you all over, but her favorite is the bank, where they give her biscuits. In fact, I went through the drive-through today without her and the lady still gave me a biscuit to take home to her. She makes friends wherever she goes and especially likes to visit the assisted care facility where my mother-in-law lives. She will sit and listen to the Alzheimer’s patients as if they are the most fascinating people in the world. Hester is definitely the sweetest dog we’ve ever had.

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  1. Actually I think the button band is fine, you just need small buttons, I made Beth from Rowans A Season’s Tale in 4 ply yarn and the button band was six stitches on adult sweater. If you choose small buttons the band will be fine and you wont have to do any cutting!

  2. Yes, we are the masters of our knitting! Does the band look that narrow on the pattern picture? Just curious.

    Give your two dogs a hug from me. Isn’t it fun how they each have their own personalities and can be so different?

  3. I have just finished knitting 2 Dale sweaters for my grandchildren.I did the button band the way you are doing it and they were fine.In the pattern it said that I had to CO 6 extra stitches towards the body and knit those in garter stitches all the way up,they then are sewn down to cover the cut seam after the band is sewn on. It worked really well and the band itselfs is plenty wide.Hope it will work for you.

  4. I’d probably whack away at that button band, too.
    My dog has learned every place in town that gives away dog treats. Our local donut shop has a driveup window, and they give out doggie donuts (leftover cake donuts). It’s her favorite place. And she just loves the UPS guy, because he brings treats. If we’re not home, he leaves them in the box by the door. When she sees one of those brown trucks on the street, she just goes bonkers.
    I’ve decided that Corgis as a breed are the dumb blondes of the dog world. They really aren’t the brightest, but they are just sweet as pie. Our neighbors have a new one, Rae, and she’s just a dingbat, but a sweet, precious dingbat!

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