Although I’m not officially participating in the Knitting Olympics, I did some Olympic class finishing today. I plopped down in front of the TV with all the elements of the Baby Dale and the lady’s figure skating I recorded last night. I don’t mind knowing who won, I just like watching the performances. So, here’s my own version of the the long program: *Take a stitch, watch skater, take a stitch, watch skater, take a stitch, oops, back up the Tivo and take another look at that jump/spin/fall, repeat from * as many times as necessary. And here’s the result:


The observant among you will notice that I did indeed knit a wider front band (9 stitches instead of 5). I really do appreciate all the kind comments about the other band, but you have to understand something about us native Missourians. We are stubborn. Once we get an idea into our heads, we will NOT let it go! Ask my parents and husband. The more I looked at the skinny band, the less I liked it. All turned out well, I stitched and wacked the lower edge and the facing covers all my sins. All in all I love the sweater, but am not sure I would do it again. It was a lot of work for a sweater that will fit Izzy for about 5 minutes. I love the Dale Baby Ull (it’s probably my favorite yarn), but because it is superwash, the floats don’t “stick” and I do worry about them getting caught. But I love the sweater.

All in all a good day – I finished a difficult project and I got this in the mail:


My Knit Picks order! From left to right: Dye your own laceweight (no project yet). Three skeins of Shadow in Vineyard scheduled for Peacock Feathers. Various colors of Wool of the Andes for CIC socks. And last, but by no means least, three luscious skeins of Andean Treasure (100% alpaca) for a scarf. I find myself not itching to cast anything on yet, which is unusual for me. I think I have so much on my plate to get ready for the trip to Orlando, I’m just trying to get it all done and am looking forward to relaxing on the plane and casting on for socks – probably my Trekking. For now, I only have three projects on the needles – St. Brigid, Kongsberg and Leda’s dream (lace scarf). I’m still conflicted on Leda’s dream. I love the pattern, but just can’t get enthused about working on it – usually I can’t put lace down! But for now, I’m going to enjoy having fewer projects going.

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  1. That sweater will be perfect to hunt Easter eggs in if it’s chilly! Nice job, even if you didn’t put a zipper in it, LOLOL!

    Looks like good stuff from KnitPicks, too!

  2. Fabulous work, and I love the Knit Picks yarn. I’ve recently brought some Andean Silk, Show, Sock Garden, and Wool of the Andes, so I have plenty of projects ahead of me.

  3. The Dale is so sweet. I haven’t knit for Sydney just because of that 5 minute thing. Plus, she has so much stuff that I’d be lucky if she wore anything I knit more than once.

    Enjoyed checking out your Knitpicks order. Now I need to go in the back room and fondle some Andean Treaure.

  4. I love your baby Dale. You did a good job. You WIPs are some heavy-duty knitting. Socks will be nice and small on the plane. Have a good trip.

    From another stubborn Missourian. . .

  5. The Dale is lovely even if it only fits for said 5 minutes. Hopefully she’ll keep it and it will fit HER daughter for five minutes too! It’s clearly heirloom quality!!

    Nice haul for knitpicks! You must try the Shine too!

    I thought you were gonna use cotton for your peacock feathers?

  6. Another Missourian here. Just want to let you know I check your blog every day. Am rather new to knitting and have been in a slump lately. Guess I’m ready for something more than scarf and hat. Keep the blogs comming. Thanks, Kathy

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