E is for Education


Several years ago (well, 8 to be exact), I began thinking of the things that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime, but had not yet achieved. I was approaching 50 and knew that I’d better get cracking! Earning a bachelor’s degree was #1 on the list. Over lunch one day I happened to mention it to my best friend, who teaches English at our local community college. After lunch, instead of heading back to drop me off at work, she turned in the opposite direction. I asked her where we were going and she said, “To sign you up for the asset test for admission to college.” The rest, as they say, is history.

I started at square one, or actually less than square one. My English skills were ok, but I had to take several pre-college level algebra classes to get up to speed on math. It took four years of going part-time (and working full-time), but I earned my Associate Degree. I graduated first in my class with a 4.0. Perhaps I’m bragging a little (believe me, I worked hard to earn the right!), but what tickles me is that I was often the oldest student in the class. It did my heart good to show that we women “of a certain age” still have a brain cell or two left.

I’m currently a student at Washington State University. I am officially a senior now (woo hoo!), but my grade point average has dropped to a dismal 3.9. : p Upper level classes are a little harder. Everyone (including my husband) asks me what I’m going to “do” with my degree. The answer is, “Who knows?” I only know that education is never wasted, whatever the age. My classes have broadened my horizons, given me knowledge and proven to me that I can do things that seem very hard, if not impossible (including trigonometry).

On the knitting front, I have experienced a renewed interest in St. Brigid and am halfway through the front.


I’m still saving my Trekking for the airplane trip and have sock patterns downloaded to my Palm so they are readily accessible. Last night I gave in to temptation and wound the Shadow into balls. Peacock Feathers is calling out to me! And (drum roll here!) – I actually swatched (yes, SWATCHED) for Eris!! I never, ever swatch. But seeing how beautifully Marguerite’s Aquave fit her, I knew that I needed to do that in order for Eris to fit well. Stay tuned, we’re starting our own little KAL for Eris on April 1st. You are welcome to join, but there will be no buttons, Yahoo groups or any such thing. We’re much too unorganized for anything of that sort. I’ve appointed Brenda as our unofficial advisor – go take a look at her Eris.

We fly out Monday for Orlando (and ISOBEL!!). Oh, Ben and Abby – I am anxious to see you too! They are a completely wired household, so I’m hoping to blog at least a little, but we’ll see!

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  1. You ROCK Dorothy!! Yay for “students of a certain age”!

    I wish I could meet you in Orlando 😦

    Listen, Kris has offered me her guest room for the next hurricane season so maybe we’ll meet in your neck of the woods! One thing’s for sure, I’m buggin out this time, no more closet knitting durinng a hurricane for me!

  2. I think it’s fabulous that you went back to school, good for your friend giving you the boost you needed. Friends like that are a wonderful, it’s because of a similar friend that I started skating.

  3. Have a great trip. If we don’t hear from you while you’re gone, we will understand.

    Love your E and wonder why I didn’t think of Education. I have stories to tell about my non-traditional college years!

    St. Brigid is beautiful.

  4. Bravo to you, Dorothy! There’s a Chinese proverb which I can’t translate elegantly. It says to the effect of “live to an old age and continue to learn.” I’m sure Abby will be able to explain it to you better.

  5. What a great story about going to college – you’ve done very well and should be proud! Education is a lifelong adventure!
    Knit on!!!

  6. What a nice E entry. I often find myself thinking about going back but just never seem to do it. What a great friend you have!

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