Although I have no hope of catching up to Marguerite on FLAK, I’m giving it my best shot. I’ve finished the back down to the armholes and have started on the front:


I give this knit a definite “thumbs up”. The yarn is a perfect match, the pattern is complex enough to be interesting, but not so complex that you can’t watch TV and, well, it’s just gorgeous! The only down side is that I’ll probably complete it in the middle of summer when it will be too hot to wear.

Look at what my friend has done for me:


She has an embroidery machine and got the program for these cute Hummels. There is another one of a single little girl knitting that she is also going to do. In return, I am knitting her a pair of socks. She already owns at least three pairs of my hand knit socks and is a very grateful recipient. She loves them and wears them to work all of the time. She does the most beautiful designs on her embroidery machine, so I see more exchanges in the future.

We went to Dinners Ready on Friday and the verdict is: Terrific! I was very impressed with their operation. The facility was spotlessly clean and there was great attention paid to cleanliness while we prepared our meals. They had everything set up with my name on it. We had ordered 8 meals, but since they each serve 4-6 people, we wanted to split them up into 16 meals for two. No problem – each station had instructions on how to do that. Working together, it took me and my husband only about an hour to put everything together and the staff was very helpful when we had questions. Of course, we had to have one of the meals that night. Our choice – Pork Chops with apples and oven roasted Rosemary potatoes. I added some fresh asparagus. It was delicious! Certainly as good as most restaurant meals for a cost of about $5.00 each. They also gave us a freezer check off list to post so that we can keep track of what we use. We rate each meal and take it back on our next visit so they know what recipes people like the best. Then one month of the year they will have a “Customer’s Favorites” month with all of the best liked selections. I’ll keep you posted on our other meals.

6 thoughts on “

  1. FLAK will look great, and the emroidered hummels are so cute. What a great swap!
    I love the dinners ready idea, sure wish we had something like that here. I pick up take out far too often.

  2. The FLAK looks wonderful! I’ve been saving the instructions for that as it goes along. Another someday project.
    I checked out the Dinners Ready website. They have one close to us, so we might do this too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Your FLAK is looking great. You just might catch up if I we ever have spring and I start working outdoors. Plus, there’s that trip to Idaho. I’m not taking FLAK with me.

    Love the knitting Hummels? Is it a wall hanging? Something to wear?

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