G is for Garage. If you had ever told me I’d be in love with a garage, I would have thought you were crazy. You see, for 20 years in this house, we didn’t have one. When we moved in we decided to make the 1 1/2 car garage a shop for my husband and a laundry room for me. So, our cars were always parked outside. About three years ago we did a major remodel on the house. We doubled the size of our miniscule bedroom (for 20 years I had to turn sideways to get from my bed to the door!), added a bathroom (after all that time with only one bathroom, this was a REAL luxury), and added a small one-bedroom apartment for our mentally handicapped son. This last was the real reason for the project, the rest was gravy! The garage was kind of necessary for aesthetics because of the apartment, but has become one of my favorite things about the remodel. In our cool, wet climate it is so nice to bring in the groceries out of the rain. And no more scraping ice on cold mornings in the winter. The best part, though, is when people start talking about how their garages are so full of stuff they can’t even get their cars in. I love to boast that we are probably the only people in town with a two car garage with three cars in it! See?


G is also for green. As you can see, all three of our cars are green. Don’t ask me why – it just happened. We bought my husband’s truck first and green was the only color on the lot in the style and year that he wanted. When I ordered my Mini Cooper, we deliberately chose British Racing Green because every other Mini we had seen was blue (my first choice) and we wanted something different. It just so happened that when Bill found the classic Mini that was just what he was looking for – it was green too. So, we have a matching set:


On the knitting front, lots of progress, but not much to take photos of. I’m plugging away on FLAK and still have a little to go on the front before I can start the sleeves.

I’ve finished one More Fun Than Cables sock for my friend, but have promised not to post pictures of single socks – it’s two or nothing to head off the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. I haven’t touched Peacock Feathers in several weeks. However, lots of studying was done this week. I got a great score on my observation assignment (30 out of 30!) and am just waiting for my grade on the exam, but I think I did well. The class is on Early Childhood Development and I am loving reading about the stage that Izzy is in now. Oh yes – she is WALKING! She decided to wait until a couple of weeks after we left, but she decided the world is much more accesible off the floor and she has taken off. Watch out world!

And, here to distract you from the fact that I have posted no knitting photos is a cute dog photo:


Hester loves to sleep this way. I think she hopes someone will come along and scratch her tummy. And someone usually does.

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  1. I am SO impressed with your clean garage with three cars in it, even if two of them are a bit smaller than normal.

    Izzy walking! Oh my. Are you able to see this on your web cam?

    The picture of Hester worked. I’m distracted and I want to scratch her tummy.

  2. My old Jetta is BRC green. I had never heard of that colour before I bought the car. I heard the story of how that name came about, but can’t remember it all – something about good luck

  3. That is the cleanest garage I’ve ever seen.
    Congratulations on the school progress, even if it IS keeping you away from your knitting.
    And Izzy walking?? How is that possible? It seems like she was just born last week. John’s oldest grandaughter (4) was careful to point out recently that she’s not a baby anymore. “I’m a little kid!”. It is such a blast to watch them develop into whatever they are going to be.

  4. Way to go, you brilliant student, you! 🙂

    How funny, TWO cars the same lenght as one truck! That is one mini Mini!

    Izzy walking? Wow, she’ll be driving one of those Mini’s soon!

    And Hester looks adorable as always. I just LOVE Corgis!

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