I is for Isobel.


What else? Can it be that she’s already one? This has been such a joyous year for us. Everything everyone said about being a grandparent is true! We loved being parents, but there is such a feeling of responsibility. With gandchildren you have absolutely no responsibility at all!! You just sit back and enjoy.

Since Ben & Abby moved to Florida we had been keeping their two dogs (or more accurately, Allen had been keeping them). Two weeks ago we shipped them off to their new home. We were a little concerned about how they would react to Izzy, since when she left she was just starting to sit up on her own. How would they react to this very mobile, intrusive little person? We need not have worried. Once they figured out that she was an unending source of Cheerios, they became fast friends:


They read stories together and watch the world go by:


So, Happy Birthday Izzy! We can’t wait to see what 2 will bring!

6 thoughts on “

  1. Happy Birthday Izzy! And Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    That kids-at-the-window photo is just the greatest dog-baby picture I’ve ever seen.

  2. Okay, that is the cutest pic of the baby and the dog looking into the sunlight. It is a wonderful image due to the subjects, the lens of the photographers eyes and the way it is shared with us. THANK YOU

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