We have returned safe and sound from our trip to Vancouver – no small feat when you’re driving a car the size of a large suitcase! This was my first trip with the car on a longer trip (my husband drove it up from San Francisco) and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too uncomfortable and I felt safe and secure. It was loud, however! The show was fun although we didn’t win anything. I think part of that was because we were one of the later arrivals and they ran out of room, so we were parked slightly apart from the rest of our class. It was cold and windy, but the rain stayed away. And knitting was accomplished (mostly in the hopes it would keep me warm):


In fact, knitting was completed on the Opal socks:


I find that the Opal yarn was not as soft as some others (namely, the Austermann), but I love the well-behaved stripes. Look mom – they match! These are for my friend who is embroidering the Hummels for me. And yes, that picture was taken today, beneath a very confused Christmas Cactus!!

The park where the car show was staged was Van Dusen park. It is well worth the trip! It is as beautifully landscaped as Buchardt Gardens, but in a less formal, more naturalistic style. And I think I have found a new passion – photographing flowers:




Before we left on our short trip, I got a wonderful package in the mail – my Project Spectrum gifts. Helen knows me well!


As you can see, in addition to lots of green goodies, there was (drum roll, please!) LACE YARN!! WOO HOO! This is Skacel Merino, one of my favorites, in a color I do not own. In addition, she enclosed the most beautiful irridescent green beads to go with it. So the search is on for the perfect project to make some beaded lace. Thanks, Helen – you’re the best!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I have done some housekeeping on my sidebar – long overdue! I have added some blogs that I read on a regular basis (not all, but a good sampling) and yes, I have caved in and joined The Amazing Lace. Later in the week I’ll introduce you to my partner.

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  1. Glad you’re home safe and with a camera full of lovely flower pictures.

    If you’re going to show us flowers, you have to tell us what they are! The white ones look like tiarella? What is that yellow poppy looking bloom in the middle of hosta like leaves?

    The Opal socks are great. Opal softens when it’s washed.

    I’m looking forward to meeting your partner. Is it going to be green with beads?

  2. Welcome back! The flower pics are so pretty, you’ve quite an eye!

    WOOT! You finally get to try beaded knitting!! There are some lovely beaded stoles/shawls/scarves around – can’t wait to see what you choose!

  3. It looks like a fun trip, if cold. My Christmas cacti do that too. They just bloom like crazy at random times of the year.
    Love the socks, and the lace yarn, and I can’t wait to see what you’re doing for AL!

  4. Love the flower photos and those Opal socks.
    I visited Buchardt Gardens, way back in 1976, with my Grandparents. Still have the pictures and fond memories.

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