We interrupt our regularly scheduled knitting to bring you – Baby Knits!


I realized with shock the other day that my great-nephew is due to arrive in a few short weeks. Is it my imagination, or did this pregnancy go at the speed of light? I’m sure his mother thinks otherwise, but I’m of the opinion it’s definitely been less than nine months. So I figured I’d better get cracking!

This design is from the Dale baby book #129 (the one with the zebra on the cover) and is knitted with Dale Baby Ull – my favorite yarn of all time. My stash does not quite rival my lace stash – but close! Just let it be said I can sit down and whip out a baby ensemble without ever having to hit the yarn store! I love wee baby things. They go very fast and there is nothing more precious than a little one wrapped up in a hand knitted garment. And I’m probably in the minority in that I knit them in the little wee sizes. I realize they fit for about two minutes, but they are heirlooms to be handed down for generations. In fact, here are two of my favorite pictures.

The first is Ben wearing the little sweater and booties I knit for him before he was born:


And Izzy wearing the same outfit almost 30 years later:


I did manage to finsh the Cotton Regia socks:


The pattern is Lizzie’s Lacey Rib Socks from Fluffy Knitter Deb. Scroll down on the sidebar for a list of her free patterns and tips. I modified a bit and replaced my standard heel flap for the short row heel (sorry, Deb – I HATE short row heels). But this is a great pattern and I will definitely do it again. It works well with the less stretchy cotton, but would work equally well with wool. I’d love to see it in a plainer yarn so you could see the lacey rib better, but it looks great with self striping yarns. A very versatile pattern.

This afternoon my husband and I are going back to Dinners Ready for more meals. We were very happy with the first round and it really has kept us from eating out so much. It’s still a bit of a splurge, but certainly less of one than going out.

So, I leave you with this random bit of grandaughterly cuteness:


6 thoughts on “

  1. How sweet is it that your son and gradchild get to wear the same sweater and booties.

    You should frame both photos together.

  2. Look at Izzy standing there all by herself in giant shoes! How cute.

    I do believe we’re in a time warp where time is going twice as fast as normal. It’s been that way for at least ten years – since my first granddaughter was born.

  3. Oh my gosh, 30 years later, it looks like new! I too am thrilled with wee outfits that cannot possible last more than a week. bbb

  4. I hear so many great things about Baby Ull, but I’ve never knit with it. Your new sweater is adorable!

    I LOVE how your socks turned out, thanks for the shout out on the pattern!

    I agree, you should frame both pics together, they are just so precious! And such a compliment to your knitting….being just as perfect 30 years later!

    That Izzy’s already a cool chick, wearing her crocs with panache already 🙂

    I finally decided what to do with the St. Ives…I’m gonna do the gentleman’s sock with lozenge pattern from Vintage Socks for Mr. Augie 🙂

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