Did you ever have one of those projects that you started that kept snowballing until it turned into a project of epic proportions? It all started innocently enough with a birthday party. It was held at the home of some friends who just moved into their new home. This house is a showstopper! We were all agog with the architecture, decorating, etc. etc. I came home and looked at my humble home with an objective eye and decided I needed to do something. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not ready (or able) to run out and spend hundreds of thousands decorating to try and keep up with the Joneses. But I did decide that I could do the next best thing and try to clean and declutter what we have.

My first project was the area that bugs me the most – my husband’s computer desk. It’s right in the main living/dining area and no way to hide it. It’s always dusty, cluttered and a complete mess! To make it worse there’s an ugly metal file cabinet that holds the printer. First step was to buy a new, better looking oak file cabinet. Good move – it looks more like a piece of furniture. Then came the decluttering! I took all the files out and moved the old file cabinet to my sewing room (uh, studio) and took everything off the computer desk. Nothing was going back on until I sorted through! Before you know it, every flat surface in the living room and dining room was piled high with files and assorted junk! What had I gotten myself into? And so began the sorting through at least 15 years of amassed papers and junk. Six hours later I was pleased with the final result:


My house will never be a show stopper, but never let it be said that it can’t be clean and uncluttered.

And while I was working I managed to catch this picture:


Kirby does not like to be caught snuggling up to Hester. He feels it compromises his macho image. But when he’s unsure (like when there are papers and files stacked everywhere), he likes to be close to her.

And, in between obsessive organizing, I have been knitting. Front and back are done on the baby sweater and I’ve started decreasing for the sleeve caps. I’m still debating about making the hat. A baby born in Arkansas in June has no need for a hat, but since this is meant to be handed down, the next baby just might be born in December.


And, since lace seems to be so appropriate for summer, I’ve signed up for the Mystery Stole 2, created by Melanie. I’ve never done a mystery project and this sounds like fun. I would hope to have Peacock Feathers done before I start. I’m almost to the last two charts, but at this point you run into the Black Hole of Knitting. The rows just keep getting longer and longer. I’ve had requests for a picture and I’ll try to get one for the next post.

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  1. I really need to declutter as well, so really admire that you took the big step.
    Looks like that will be a cute baby set.
    I’ve also signed up for the Mystery Stole a-long, but need to get some yarn first. Plus I feel guilty about my neglected lace stole currently on the needles, so we’ll see…..

  2. Six hours of sorting paper and junk – you deserve an award for that effort. Yuk. Jobs like that are their own reward when they’re done, though. It just feels so good to have a big clutter under control. I have a few places of my own that could use a few hours – or more.

    The Mystery Stole-a-long sounds like so much fun.

    Hope you’ll go ahead and knit the hat to make the outfit complete. It should be a quick knit?

  3. Oh, I love when that happens. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you have a newer, cleaner look! It just doesn’t happen often enough in my house! I took the family room curtains down to wash two weeks ago…since then, we had the carpets cleaned, moved some stuff up to the barn, rearranged furniture, and I’m ready to pick out paint color! JR always says go for it if I can do it for under $100!

  4. Kirby and Hester are adorable! I don’t think Ms. independent Grace would ever snuggle with another dog. Thanks for a great time this weekend,

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