It’s been at least a week since I’ve blogged, but that’s because I’ve been knitting away. In fact, I’ve been on knitting overdrive, trying to beat the new baby. I think I’ll make it. Here are little baby outfit pieces just waiting to be morphed into a finished layette:


I have cute little heart buttons and now just have to force myself to do my least favorite knitting activity – sewing together.

Of course, now that it’s just about done, I can contemplate another project. On second thought, I have decided not to do the Mystery Stole. I decided that my time would be better spent starting a new Christmas outfit for Izzy. My summer is fairly free and once school starts I need to put my nose to the books, so I’m going to capitalize on the summer, along with all the attendant car shows that offer lots and lots of knitting time.

Yesterday we attended a show close to home that turned out to be quite a to-do. There were over 200 cars there, some of them just stunning, and a beautiful venue:


The best part is that is is only about a half hour drive from our house. And I saw this cute little family:


It was a lovely 8 hours visiting with friends, knitting and best of all – winning first prize in our class!! Bill was quite surprised because the competition was fierce. Actually, that wasn’t the best part – we were parked right next to a mega bucks red Ferrari. The owner was kind of a pretentious blowhard and was constantly regaling people with stories of how much the car cost to buy and maintain and how he once got a ticket for going 172 mph in a 55 mph zone (as if that was something to be proud of!). However, our little Mini Cooper got twice the attention his car did and at one point someone said (loud enough so he could hear), “Who needs a red Ferrari when you’ve got a cute little Mini to buzz around in?” Did my heart good.

I’ve debated whether or not to show Izzy’s Christmas outfit. I do so love sharing my projects with all of you, but her parents do read my blog (Hi Ben! Hi Abby!) and I would like them to be at least a little surprised. So . . . I’m going to try something new. I will not be showing any completed parts of the outfit, but little bits and pieces. See if you can guess what I’m making. This is from a published pattern, and although I’ve heard rumors that the book is out of print, I think it is still available out there. The first person to guess exactly what I’m making gets a free prize from my sock yarn stash (to be determined). So, here are the first two clues. The yarn – bright funky colors:


Nothing pastel about these babies! And the start:


Next installment will be a discussion of floats vs. weaving.

And, in the Amazing Lace, our current assigment is to blog about some place x-citing or x-treme for your lace knitting. I’m sorry, but sitting in my recliner watching old movies is about exciting as lace knitting gets around here. Oh, there’s the occasional car show or football game, but most of the time my life teeters on the edge of dullness. Or, as I prefer – stable and secure. However for x-treme lace knitting, I give you Kris. Anyone who knits lace with a toddler in her lap is a woman living on the edge of madness!

3 thoughts on “

  1. Love those “almost geese” goslings, so cute!

    Whatever you’re making it’s gonna be petty with all those glorious colors! That Izzy is gonna be a fashion plate!

  2. Okay, I’m up for guessing. With the Dale of Norway Baby Ull in those colors, I’m thinking it’s the darling “ladybug” fair isle Dale baby sweater. Am I right? Of course, I don’t think the pattern is out of print, so maybe I’m off…

  3. OOh, ooh, I think I know! What’s it called? Hmmm . . .The Markblomst cardigan from the same Dale baby book. (I had to look it up – does that count?)

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