I have a disease. Don’t worry – it’s not terminal, just chronic, and one I’m sure most knitters can identify with. It’s startitis. Does The Knitting Doctor know of a cure? Actually, I feel a little justified on this one. For some reason, all of my projects are either at the miles and miles of boring stockinette (Izzy’s Christmas sweater, sock, Green Gables) or at a point that requires great concentration (Peacock Feathers, FLAK, St. Brigid, Kongsberg). I needed something that was interesting, but that was also repetitive. Years ago I made an afghan for my sister. I love that afghan and every time I go to her house and cuddle up under it I contemplate stealing it. That would be wrong, so I started my own. This is the center panel:


This pattern has about a bazillion bobbles, but after nupps, they’re a piece of cake. And don’t you think it makes a cozy decor, reclining on my bedroom chair, just waiting for the stolen minute or two to pick it up?


Partially in penance, I am committed to finishing a project in the next two weeks. Our annual knitting picnic is coming up – it’s a gathering together of groups from adjoining islands. You would have to look long and hard to find a more talented group of knitters. Bringing a few pathetic socks for show and tell just won’t cut it! Everything impressive that I’ve done this year has been given away, so I have determined to finish Peacock Feathers in time. I think it’s doable – if I do 4 rows a day, that still gives me a few days to block. Here she is – although it’s hard to determine I’ve made progress since the last photo. But I can’t get her more spread out without risking the stitches jumping off the needle, and I’m NOT taking that chance:


Today’s mission, when not knitting, is to try and find some shorts to wear for Orlando. Normally, I do not do shorts. The only pair I have are the ratty ones I wear when exercising on my bike. I’m terribly self-concious about my legs – they’re skinny and white. I know the skinny part is probably the envy of some, but I was teased about it when I was younger. And I’m coming to terms with the white part. Being embarassed by my skin color makes about as much sense as telling an African-American they should be embarassed by theirs. This is the color God made me and I won’t risk skin cancer to change it. But I still don’t like wearing shorts!

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  1. How about capri pants? I have some made from a really lightweight microfibre fabric that are really comfortable and end between my knees and my ankles. They would probably end after the knees on a taller person. I thought that nupps were just a different name for a bobble. How are they different?

  2. Hi,
    I so identify with the skinny white leg no shorts thing!!!
    I to was skinny and ghostly white as a kid and was teased unmercifully.
    I still don’t ware shorts but do ware capries. Thery’re cool,comfy, and stylish.Have fun in Orlando!!

  3. Boy, can I relate to the startitis. I finished one project and started 4 more! And I have this beautiful red Lacey Lamb that keeps calling to me from across my desk. I must resist and finish something!

    Keep up the beautiful lace work. Your photo gallery is so impressive!

  4. I have no medical advice for the dread disease, Startitis. I don’t think a cure exists. However, if the NIH would give me a huge yarn-buying grant, I would be happy to embark on years and years of research into this disease.
    A knitting picnic? I like that one! And I am so not embarrassed by my white skin anymore. I just burn, so I don’t even try to change to a different color.

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