I missed the deadline by four days, but I shall post my latest Amazing Lace Challenge. This challenge was to depict what your lace could be used for if you stopped knitting at this very moment. Hmmm – if I stopped knitting at this very moment, my Peacock Feathers could be used for . . . wait, this is hard. Hmmm – A SHAWL!!! That’s because it is finished, done, stick a fork in it, end of the road.


Man, I love blocking lace. Magic, magic, magic.


There are a couple of minor errors in this, none of which I am going to point out to you. This one will stay home with me unless my mother wants to exchange the one I gave her for Christmas. I’ll let her decide which one more suits her vision of purple. The other one looks blue to me and this looks wine. I was hoping to have this done by the end of July and I’m pleased that I made it with almost two weeks to spare.

Now I need to get cracking and finish some socks. I have no less than three pairs on the needles. Two for the sock program for my guild in October and one I’m doing for a barter. And, I’m dying to start these socks from Marguerite. Aren’t they the most elegant things you’ve ever seen? I have some Regia Silk that will look awesome in her pattern. This yarn was purchased with the excuse of using it for Christmas presents, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to bear to give them away.

The hot weather has finally hit our little corner of the U.S. I felt a little guilty (just a little) looking at the weather maps last week. All over the U.S. were yellows, oranges and reds – all except one little green corner up in the northwest – our corner. A couple of days ago our high was 68. Today it’s more like 80 and the possibility of 90 tomorrow. However, that’s Seattle and here on the island it stays a little cooler. But without air conditioning, you can be sure we’ll be whining with the best. This weekend I’m going up to Bellingham for a knit blogger’s slumber party. Li and I are getting together for some post-wedding rest, relaxation and yarn crawling.

And, Lynne, this one’s for you. Two Subway sandwiches, a shared coke and an impromptu picnic in the park – Priceless!


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  1. Amazing indeed! That one deserves a glass of champagne, not Coke. Pretty!
    And it’s hot enough here that I just might sleep outside in the hammock tonight. I’m sure it always gives the neighbors a laugh when I do that. What the heck, they already think I’m mighty weird, taking pictures of yarn and knitted things all over the yard.

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