I’m baaack! Actually, I wasn’t really gone (well, not for long anyway), but Bloglines declared me persona non gratis and was not updating my feeds. I sent in a help ticket and after a couple of days they corrected the problem. Semi-reasonable for a free service, I guess. A lot of people complain about Bloglines, but it’s hard to carp too much about something that’s free and allows me to keep up on my favorite blogs without checking them every day.

In the knitting realm, it seems I’ve been frogging as much as knitting. I started a new pair of plain socks that I’m doing for a barter (more about that when the barter’s complete). I got past the heel and realized they are WAY too big. I’m not used to knitting for people with size 10 feet, but this was ridiculous. So they were frogged. And, I’m sad to say, Green Gables has been frogged as well. I had armhole issues and ripped back once and I just wasn’t feeling the love. I’m beginning to fear for this Shine yarn. I absolutely love it, but how many times can it be frogged before it falls apart.

I found a new pattern in an Elsebeth Lavold book – cute tank, should be quick and simple. But gauge has reared its ugly head and I’m just plain frustrated. So, when one is frustrated, what does one do? Cast on for a cute little baby outfit:


One of our former dental assistants is expecting a baby, so I now have an excuse. Little baby things are so cute, so quick and so adorable. And this one has the advantage of little sewing – it’s done with yoke and the little sleeves are circular. The only downside is that the first few rows of the yoke are miserable because of the curve of the tiny little sleeves, but I’m beyond that now and on to the fun part.

I have been busy with other, secret Christmas sewing and knitting which I cannot show, but all will be revealed in time. And – joy, oh joy! I wasn’t expecting my Knit Picks needles for a couple of weeks, but I checked the website and they should be here by the end of the week! So, I should have a few spare minutes to play with them before I leave on vacation.

And I leave you with this beautiful Thursday sky. You can’t really see the sunset from our house because of the trees, but it must have been gorgeous because even the air seemed pink. This is looking southeast from our deck:


4 thoughts on “

  1. I think it is good that you are able to frog when you aren’t feeling the love, better than finishing a garment that won’t be worn.
    Cute little baby outfit!
    I broke down and ordered Knitpicks needles this afternoon, I could resist no longer.

  2. Dorothy

    I have been frogging too! Just a phase, I think we learn more when we FROG than when we knit it right from the get go. OR at least I soothe myself that way.

    Oh yes thank Goodness for baby quick knits. So fun, so satisfying, so appreciated. Will watch to see!

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