Knitters are such a special group – but then you knew that already didn’t you? I spent a wonderful weekend up in Bellingham with Li and friends. I met non-blogging Marsha, who really needs to get a blog to show off her beautiful rose shawl and the Berroco Suede she got (on sale!) to make another one. And then there was Karen, non-knitter, who followed us around and tolerated our obsession and didn’t make fun of us once (at least not in front of us!). And Grace, who was sweet as could be, except when she had hold of her bone and played a ferocious game of tug-o’-war. Li was a gracious hostess and between eating her delicious food, drinking wine and yarn crawling, some knitting was actually accomplished:


I found the yarn for my next project, Fiddlesticks’ Garden Shawl. The yarn – Zephyr silk & wool. Here it is lounging on Li’s deck:


I’m going to try and practice a little self discipline (Ha! You’ve heard that before) and finish up some other projects before starting. Plus, after seeing Li’s new set of Knit Picks needles, I have ordered a set for myself. I love the sharp tips which will be perfect for lace knitting, the joins were smooth and the cables non-kinky. But, because of high demand, they are on backorder and it may be up to a month before they get here. Perfect chance to practice aforesaid self discipline, huh?

And, as requested, here is a model shot of Peacock Feathers:


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  1. The shawl looks great Dorothy! One day I too will finish one. Glad you had such a great visit with Li, looked like fun.
    (And I see Bloglines took forever to update you too, I had the same problem, a post from Saturday night finally showed up this afternoon.)

  2. The shawl is just gorgeous! And don’t worry about the KP needles. Mine actually showed up less than a week after ordering them. I love the points, really good for lace!

  3. Peacock is glorious! You do such lovely work! The pink Zephyr is a perfect color. Are we taking bets on how long the self-discipline lasts??

  4. Oh, it looks like a fun knit-together! Your new knitting projects are just beautiful, Dorothy…And, thanks for the “Options” review!

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