My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. Well, not really all packed, but I’ve started. I have to work right up until the minute I leave town, so I’m having to get ready as I can. And, as you all know, deciding what clothes to take is the easy part – it’s deciding on the knitting projects that’s hard. You don’t want to take too many or too few. Don’t want to overpack, but don’t want to be bored either. I imagine Izzy will sleep at least some of the time I’m there and I’ve got some long layovers! So, I’m taking her jumper and one sock to be completed to finish a pair and a new pair to start. On the return trip I’m hoping to join up in Dallas with a long lost cousin (Hi Margaret!) who connected with me through my blog. We haven’t seen each other since we were kids and I’m very excited about seeing her and my aunt.

I do have a finished project to show:


A little baby set to place on a little baby body. I’m not thrilled with the yoke – the shape seems funny, but it should look fine once on the baby. The best thing is that there was minimal finishing – just weave in the ends and two underarm seams plus two small side seams on the bonnet.

And I’ve done some work on the Unst stole:


I can only do about 6 to 8 rows at a sitting without going blind, so this will indeed be slow going. In the meantime I will start another lace project, but am not sure exactly when. School starts the week after I get back plus I have a quilt show to help with plus the usual madness when I return to work. Marguerite will be posting pictures of her finished FLAK, so I’m sure that will inspire me to pick up that as well.

So – toodles! Not sure if I will post while I’m gone. I’ll have computer access, but not sure if I’ll have photo editing. But I’ll be sure to bring lots of pictures back with me!

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  1. Dorothy, Mother and I are very excited and thrilled your layover is in Dallas – or at least DFW. Love your baby sweater. It’s very pretty.

  2. Bet you’re so excited to get your hands and kisses on Izzy! What a wonderful way to end the summer. (Well, summer isn’t over for most of us, but if you are going back to school that’s pretty much the end of summer for you.)

    I’m working on getting those FLAK pictures up. First I had to buy a new laptop:-).

  3. The baby set is so sweet – dainty and vintage looking. The unst stole lace is lovely, and so is that touch of orange 🙂 But I know so little about lace, I’ve hesitated mentioning it when I saw your first photo, in case it turns out to be some waste yarn that is going to be unravelled or something!

  4. Hope that you were able to make your flights without too much trauma yesterday and that you’re safely with your family in Florida today. You were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday.

    Please let your faithful readers know you made it OK.

    Lost your email in my laptop disaster, which is why you’re getting a comment instead. Hope to be back to normal soon.

  5. Great Great baby sweater. It will look adorable on the baby. I think the yoke is very pretty. We need that picture you know. Happy Cousin meet up.

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