What we did on our summer vacation:

We met charming people at the airport.

We swam.

We went on exciting thrill rides.

We modeled cute little knitwear.

And made our own unique fashion statement.

In short, a fun and exhausting time was had by all.  I had forgotten just how busy a 15-month old can be!  As you can see, I did finish the little jumper.  It looks adorable on her, but she discovered quickly that, unlike her other clothing which has buttons and snaps, this one can be readily removed.  It was hard keeping it on her long enough to get a picture!  More pictures to follow!

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  1. How’d she get to be 15 months already? Seems like just yesterday you posted that she was born. Love that toddler age though, and she sure is a little cutie. Glad you had a great vacation!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! What an adorable granddaughter!! So glad you could spend some time with her. I just had a couple afternoons with my great-nieces, 6 months old and 2 years old, and they were a joy. My feet still haven’t “touched the ground” since the Vancouver/Bellingham trip. I’m happy to be a “tag-along!” ….oh, the joys of retirement!! ttys.

  3. She’s so cute! Now that you mention it, I remember how my son used to take off his shirt all the time at that age. And you look like you had fun too!

  4. A beautiful little Brittany jumper on an adorable model. Not to tempt you when you want to study, but the perfect accessory would be the Rose of Sharon hat from Magknits. A little lace hat for leftover yarn? I’ve seen several on some blogs and they look perfect for a one year old. I love your pictures!

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