I have the blogging blahs! Part of it is that I just don’t have an awful lot to blog about. After last weekend’s flurry of activity, my life has settled into a rather boring routine of work and study. I have finished the first section of my statistics class by taking the exam yesterday. I don’t know if I passed the section or not – you have to have a score of 85, but I think I did ok. That’s one-fourth of the way through the class. I’ve also spent a lot of time this week writing essays on Abnormal Psych – so if you want me to analyze you . . . .

I have to remind myself at this point that all of this was my choice. I am getting so tired of school! And I’m especially getting tired of people saying, “Aren’t you done yet?” No, I’m not done yet. There is one dear lady who has been a big supporter and encourager for me. I saw her at church the other day and told her that I had a projected graduation date. She said, “For your master’s?” I felt I had really let her down when I told her it was just for my bachelor’s. Sigh.

Ok, you didn’t come here for whining. On the knitting front – I had told myself when I got the statistics unit over I would reward myself with a new lace project. But I decided that for now adding another project to my already stressed schedule is probably counter-productive. So, instead I worked on some previous projects. Some is secret Christmas knitting – Izzy’s sweater body is done, so all that’s left are the sleeves, cutting, sewing and finishing (yes, steeks are involved).

And, I rethought the Aran afghan and frogged and started with a new pattern. I decided that as much as I love my sister’s afghan, I didn’t want to have to sew panels together. Here is the new effort:


This is from one of the Jamieson and Smith books and I’m really liking it. By the time it gets long, the weather will be cold and it will probably feel pretty good. But if it’s not done this winter (and it probably won’t be), it will have to be put on the back burner during the summer.

I also rewarded myself with some time puttering in my sewing room. I’m also a quilter, but haven’t been doing much lately. I felt the quilting bug bite, though and worked on this:


I had been a little frustrated with the block because originally I was using the ladybug fabric for the windmill blades and they just didn’t “pop”. In a flash of inspiration, I switched everything around and I really like this better. Thank goodness I hadn’t cut out all of my blocks so I spent yesterday after my exam happily cutting while watching “Law and Order” reruns.

That’s all for now. Once a week will probably be as much as I post until end of semester, so see you next week!

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  1. I’ve been kind of feeling the blog blahs lately as well.
    The quilt square looks great. I have great admiration for quilters, as I have a fear of anything that involves using a sewing machine!

  2. Dorothy, I once had someone analyze my handwriting, and she said “Oh! You’re so normal!” So yes, analyze my blog and find some abnormal trait for me to cultivate. 🙂

  3. My blogging slows down during the school/work year too, and I’m happy if I manage 3 posts a week. Even though they may be pretty boring and with little knitting content. The quilt square does pop! You made a wise choice altering the position of the colors.

  4. Well, we’ll just have to enjoy your more, less often.

    SOmethings have to come first. Don’t feel badly that you are working on this awesome part of your education slowly. YOU WILL DO IT!

    THe quilting bit was phenomenal. I love how you made the pinhwheel popped.

    I have some time to post right now, so stop by and I’ll try to make you laugh. No need to comment. Just enjoy.

  5. I made the same afghan for my step daughter a few years ago. I widened it by adding more of the lacy leaf like sections. It turned out beautifully!!! You will love it! It is truly lovely and looks great draped on the back of a sofa!!
    As for finishing school, I am world’s oldest returning student, in library school at age 57.

  6. Nice! Jeeze, the afghan alone is quite a project. The quilt sqaure is really cool, I admire the way girls like you can put the right colors together. Just keep going the way you are now, & one day realize, wow, did I do all that? As for your psych class, I could give you a 2 yr degree’s worth of material. Just sayin…

  7. Love that afghan. It’s beautiful.

    I remember how much work it was to take college classes and admire you for being able to handle it while working. We understand when you don’t blog everyday. Hopefully you have a little bit of knitting time on most days.

  8. Hang in there! I got an associates degree earlier this year, at the age of 56. Most people assumed I was getting a BSN, and were shocked that it was “only” a two-year degree. With a family and two jobs, even the two-year degree was a struggle. Working on the BSN now.

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