A quickie post because I need your opinion on something. I’m getting in a little bit of knitting, and rather than start something new, decided to finish up a CIC sweater I had started. Just the sleeves to go, but I am very dissatisfied with this neckline. Pretty ugly, huh? I know that it will slip smoothly over a little one’s head, but is it way too wide? Should I rip back and do a ribbed neckline instead? Any and all comments and opinions are welcomed.


And I finished a pair of socks. These are Old Shale socks, pattern courtesy of Marguerite. Great pattern, great socks. The Old Shale top is Trekking, the rest is St. Ives. Can’t wait for the weather to get cold enough to wear them. Maybe tomorrow?


I’ve been able to do a few rows on the afghan as well. I am practicing cabling without a needle. I have attempted it in the past, but found that I actually could go faster with a cable needle. However, with a little practice I’m finding that I like it. I wanted to master it because I have a habit of losing my cable needles or finding myself stranded somewhere without one. I still have to think about whether I’m picking up the stitches from the front or back, but I’m getting better with practice.

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  1. From the picture, the neck does not look too wide. Nor am I bothered by the neck. However, if it bugs you, it’s not a lot of work to redo the neck. Do what you need to do to feel proud of your knitting.

  2. I concur too, I thin the neck looks fine but you have to like it!

    Love the socks and cabling wothout a needle is a bit tricky to get used to (and remember which way to twist) but well worth it!

  3. The sweater is adorable, but try the neck the other way to see if you like it better.

    Your socks are great. I’m ready for cooler weather too although it won’t be that cool where I live by tomorrow.

  4. Your cuffed socks are great!!! I’ve got a a couple of skeins of sock yarn in colorways that don’t match any other skein. Making a contrast lacy cuff is a fabulous idea.

  5. Glad to see you’re able to fit some knitting time into your busy schedule.

    Cute little sweater. The neck looks fine to me. I think the caregivers appreciate being able to get the necklines easily over the head. The kids wear layers, so the neck doesn’t have to be tight to their skin.

    But, if it bugs you too much, change it.

    It’s been chilly here since Saturday and I’ve been happily wearing my knitted socks. Not quit cold enough to put on FLAK, though.

  6. Dorothy, the sweater is beautiful. As a non-knitter I would not begin to give you advice on a neck. Love the socks also. What a one-of-a-kind treasure!

  7. Remember, blocking will narrow it a bit and little ones have a larger head compared to body size than adults. They need that extra bit of room, especially if they have a pun’kin head like my youngest.

  8. I think a ribbed neck would look better, but then those little ones need big neck openings, right? Do you have a model you could try it on to get an idea of what it would look like? A doll, maybe? I’d loan you my teddybear, but Sweetpea doesn’t travel by herself.
    And it’s plenty cold here today for wool socks. The furnace actually kicked on this morning. I think summer is over.

  9. The collar would be comfortable to wear even though it may not look as nice as a ribbed collar. The socks are so pretty! Thanks for giving me this idea for using up my leftover sock yarn.

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