Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and settle in, because I have a lot to catch up on in this post. You’ll probably be happy to hear that for the most part, it does not include school. I’m at the point at which it is sheer drudgery and you really don’t want to hear about it. However, all is well in that area and I do find myself a little ahead of the game, so there is definitely a lessening of stress. Did you ever hear about Missourians being stubborn (we prefer the term tenacious)? Believe me, at this point it’s a positive trait!

Lots of photos to follow. All of this has not been accomplished in the last week. But after studying all night, when I have an hour to steal, I have to choose between knitting and blogging. And you know which one wins out. So here goes:

First up – the Great American Afghan. Two more squares accomplished. The first looks a little plain jane:


But the interesting technique in this is the reversible cables. I won’t bore you with pictures – they look the same on the back. It is an interesting technique, but one that I don’t think has much application in the real world. They are bulky and not appropriate for a sweater (who’d ever see the back?). And they’re much too fiddly to try to do for a whole scarf or afghan. But interesting nevertheless.

The next was designed as a replication of a ceiling tile:


I love this square – so delicate and feminine. It was knit from the outside in and seemed to go very quickly. At the end you have a flurry of bobbles, with the last bobble accomplished by pulling the yarn through all the stitches to cinch up the center, then pulling the yarn tail through and knitting a bobble right in the center to finish off. Ingenious! Alas, these are probably the last two I will finish before Christmas. I have gift knitting to finish and some CIC projects that also need time invested.

Here is the progress on the little red heart gansey:


Front and back done, shoulders three needle bound off, neckline done and one sleeve started. In picking up the stitches for the sleeve, however, I found out that I made a bonehead mistake. For some unknown reason, when I put the underarm gussets on a holder when separating the front and back, I added three stitches from the back on one side. I have no idea what I was thinking (or not thinking). It wasn’t discovered until picking up the stitches for the sleeve and at that point, the neckline was finished and all ends woven in – so I ain’t goin’ back! I just comfort myself that it will make no difference in keeping a little body warm, and, as my mother is always fond of saying, “It won’t be noticed from a galloping horse.” To see an adorable finished version of this same sweater, head on over to Marguerite’s blog. And just to be on the safe side, I’m grateful that I have a Ferocious Yarn Protector for the rest of the yarn:


While Kirby can be counted on not to chew up things, apparently the same cannot be said for Hester. I often comment about what a good dog she is. Just to let you know that she is no Goody Two Shoes (or wouldn’t be even if she wore shoes) – here is the damage she inflicted on one of my knitting bags during our weekend getaway:


Do you think she was bored – or lonesome? Thank goodness the yarn and projects escaped unscathed. All of the finished pieces to Izzy’s Christmas project were in this bag!!! And the damage is confined to the handles, so I can just take them off and use some webbing to replace them. We’ve tried getting chew toys for Hester to work on when she’s bored, but anything we get is chewed up in about 5 minutes. The only time she has done damage in the past was at night, but we put her in her crate and that solves the problem. Any suggestions for when we go away and leave her alone for a weekend? We have our son come in and feed and play with them a little and they have access to a small yard via the doggy door. But apparently that was not enough for her. This is the first time she’s ever done this while we were away.

Well, there’s still more to talk about. New knitting needles, a new book, but I think I’ll save it for another post. Otherwise I may not have anything new to blog about for a month. So – back to studying!

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  1. i love the tile square! how pretty! suki once broke into my stash (well, she broke into it more than once, but never inflicted any damage until that time), tossed some yarn around and broke a bamboo DPN. luckily – she never discovered the roving… maybe you should knit her a chew toy, or crochet one. could be harder to demolish. maybe?

  2. Wow you’ve been busy! Reading your progress on the school thing, seems like a big knitting project sequence. The beginning all excited about it with the finished item in mind-A few accomplished rows, yay progress, the long boring worky part, am i ever gonna finish?-and the light at the end of the tunnel, yay almost done! Think of school as a huge knit project! Your sweater looks great & I love your mom’s saying. And the squares are beautiful! I can’t wait to start that! What yarn did you choose for yours? I think Hester may a little pissed at you for leaving her. Maybe your knit bag because she smells your scent on it and she’s punishing you. Maybe get her some stuffed chew toy (but you’d have to sleep with it or something to get your scent on it, then, leave it in place where she thinks it’s yours. Then if grabs it & has at it, yay!

  3. The ceiling tile square is very pretty. What fun knitting an afghan with all different squares. I have all the magazines for that afghan and someday. . . maybe.

    Hester doesn’t like it when you leave her home alone.

    How is your dog training going?

  4. The ceiling tile square is smashing. I can visualize an afghan made using just that square and an alternating plainer square. Oh, marauding pets. Whenever that happens I diligently remember to put my knitting in inaccessible places for a while, then eventually slack off. Disaster strikes again, and the cycle continues.

  5. Ya know, even if she has something appropriate to chew on, she still will chew Mama’s knitting if Mama leaves her lonely……

    We got my chewer (and this won’t help much) a bone that was for ‘rapacious chewers’ or whatever the term is that is bacon flavored. To me it seems just like the plastic that he favors, but he knows it’s an ‘okay chew’. I don’t know the brand (that’s why it doesn’t help), but he has yet to chow through this one.

    Good luck in school!!! I’m so proud (which is kind of weird, since I know you not. at. all. but still…..).

  6. I am very impressed with your aran afghan squares. I’ve been thinking for years about what I should make for a family throw/blanket. I am more and more tempted by the aran afghan….

  7. I love your Great American Afaghan squares. I would love to do something like that but am afraid that I would stall at connecting it all together. I can’t wait to see the rest of the squares.

  8. I love your gansey! And you’re right not to worry about a few misplaced stitches. The lucky recipient won’t even know they’re there.
    And keep that pup away from your yarn stash!

  9. Your knitting projects are so beautiful! I love looking at what you are working on.

    Re Hester: I’ve had pets in the past who would do stuff like that. Best advice I can give is to put projects behind a closed door so she can’t get to them. Or inside a closet or in a drawer. And if it’s your scent she’s after, wear a very old tee shirt that you can sacrifice one day, and instead of putting it in the laundry at the end of the day, give it to her. Or save it for when you’re out. She can take out her frustration on the tee shirt instead of your bags!

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