Ok, so I was supposed to study tonight. But how could I do that when this was waiting for me when I came home?


First, a little background. Several months ago a friend brought some knitting books that she wanted to sell to our knitting group. One of them was a book I had seen offered on Ebay for over $100. She was asking $2.00!! I pulled the book out and told her that she couldn’t sell it for that much – she should put it on Ebay. She said that she didn’t know how to do it, so I offered to sell it for her. Well – the book sold for $268.00!! We were both stunned. She was away on vacation when it sold, so I sent her a check. When she returned, she gave me an envelope and told me it was my finder’s fee. I was surprised to find out that she had split the windfall with me. I protested, but she insisted, saying that she would have sold it for $2.00. So, I decided to have a shopping spree with KnitPicks. Here is my loot:


I got the yarn for the Snowman Vest (for me), a 16″ circular needle, the books Knit Fix, Aran Sweater Design and
Cables Untangled and the entire set of KIP bags.
It was such fun to go through the catalog and order some things that I’d really been wanting.

My verdict on the haul? The vest will have to wait until next year sometime, so no real opinion on the yarn yet. Janet Szabo’s book? Divine!! It’s a wonderful tutorial on designing your own Aran sweater top down, bottom up, seamless or not, set in sleeve, drop sleeve, raglan sleeve – well, you name it. And if you don’t want to design there are some stunning ready made patterns. The Cables Uncrossed book is also nice. There are several nice sweaters, several afghans and accessories. It’s not quite as good as Janet’s book, but still worth the price if you love cables. The Knit Fix book? I was very disappointed. In fact, I will return it if they take books back. Don’t waste your money. It’s way too basic. Even for beginners I think there are better options. I didn’t find a single piece of useful information in the book.

The bags? I think I’m really going to like them. I probably have a dozen tote bags, but these are a little more stylish. There’s a little notions bag that I can transfer between them and even a purse that snaps on. I think these will be great for traveling! The price was right too as long as they hold up ok.

And I leave you with this adorable picture. Remember the little blue sweater set I made for my great newphew? Here is Drew modeling it – pretty cute, huh?


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  1. What a fun box to open, so nice of your friend to share the profit with you. Good to know about the Knit Fix Book. And of course you won’t be one bit suprised to know that I really want to get those bags!

  2. Drew is adorable in his sweater set, and looks like he has modeling technique down pat already! Wonderful haul – your good deed was well-rewarded. I’d heard the Knit Fix book was very basic so wasn’t interested. The 2 cable/aran books are on my list.

  3. What a cool unexpected windfall!

    You know Lolly (the Socktoberfest organizer) interviewed the author of Knit Fix for her blog for Socktoberfest. Lolly asked her about “short row heels” and her response was about the short rows you use for FLAP HEELS, nothing about true “short row heels” either wrapped or yarn over. I thought that was really odd because you would think a well versed knitting “how to” author would respond a bit more throughly and accurately! I was completely unimpressed and decieded then and there this was a book I would give a miss 😦 You could probably gift it to a beginner or have a blog contest!

    That sweater looks adorable, your nephew is a real cutie!

  4. That book price is so unbelievable! I’m trying to imagine if I would ever pay that much money for a knitting book and it’s making my brain hurt as I overanalyze the question, but I’m pretty sure the answer is NO!

    Loved seeing your blog post today – all the goodies you bought and that precious baby picture.

    You do realize that your list for things to start after the first of the year is getting a bit out of control? πŸ™‚

  5. Dorothy, Drew is so adorable and your outfit looks perfect. I’m enjoying my knitting practice – making a square to add to others for blanket/afghan for cancer patients – if it’s good enough. I keep having to rip out and start over, but I love doing it.

    Just one bone to pick – no pictures of Izzy lately. I’m sure she’s grown.
    Cousin Margaret

  6. What a nice surprise! It must be fun shopping with “free” money. So what was the book? I paid almost that much for Aran Knitting about 3 years ago. Don’t even ask if I’ve made anything from it.

  7. Awww Drew is adorable! Looks like he’s saying “Look what my great auntie made for me!” What a haul! I have the bag set too & love them! I use the middle size as a briefcase for work. I don’t think a girl can have too many knitting bags. Thanks for the book review too, it always helps to get insider info. Hail, if it weren’t for blogging, I wouldn’t have half the stuff I do πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

  8. That is fabulous, Dorothy! I can’t imagine ever paying that much for a knitting book. But, you did get some really good stuff. I’m very happy for your “windfall!”
    Drew baby is adorable!

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