Do you think I have a bit of a problem focusing?


I blame this on statistics. Can’t focus on a single project? My mind is fried from statistics. In a cranky mood? Trying to wrap my mind around an illogical statistics problem. House is in a mess? Working on a statistics project. Neglecting my poor husband? Gotta study for a statistics test. Lack of world peace? Well, you get the idea. The good news is that I took the test on Unit 3 yesterday. Still waiting to hear if I passed the unit, but I’m pretty confident. One more unit to go! I’m also ahead on my Abnormal Psych. I’ll finish up my last assignment today and take the final next weekend.

I did manage to focus long enough to finish something – a CIC gansey:


I will mail this and the blue one off this week and probably won’t start another until after the New Year. Marguerite pointed out that I have a lot of projects I want to start after the New Year, and she’s right! After Christmas I’m going to sit down and give a long, hard look at all my current projects to see if they are worth continuing. Stay tuned – there may be frogging. I have been sadly lacking in knitting peace lately, but I blame (you guessed it!) statistics!

My cousin Margaret (who is learning to knit – Hurray Margaret!) pointed out that the site has been sadly lacking in Izzy pictures, so I give you the following.



She is growing so quickly. She’s losing that little pudgy baby look and looking more like a little girl. I can’t wait to see her in December.

12 thoughts on “

  1. At least your aren’t squirting blood out of your eyes!

    Thanks for the compliments on the the new tank and the entrelac socks!

    Izzy is such a cutie!

  2. Hummmm. It sounds like you are focused – on your classes, not your knitting.

    Good job on hitting the books, but if you need to be reminded to post pictures of that beautiful granddaughter of yours, you are studying too hard!

    Are those socks on the left supposed to match? Or is that an embarrassing question?

  3. I break out in a sweat just reading about your statistics class and am almost as anxious as you for it to end. Izzy looks so sweet and serious in the top picture.

  4. If you have 3 feet, then definitely no. No problem focusing đŸ˜‰ The CIC is gorgeous! Love the red and Izzy is an angel. I seem to have problems commenting on Typepad accts at home-sorry I didn’t get to comment earlier. Yes, more Izzy! And good luck on your finals, you’ve done much already!

  5. Statistics is one of the words I have hard time saying, can’t imagine if I was taking a course on it.

    Don’t worry about too many WIP’s, I’m betting I have enough for a post a day for a year, without starting anything new. Which would be hard. To not start anything new, for a whole year.

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