Major Happy Dance! STATISTICS IS FINISHED!! Hmmm – or should that be Statistics are finished. Hey, I’m a college senior – I should know that. Anyhow, can we have a Woo! and a Hoo! I went in to work today and things were really slow and we were tripping all over each other, so I decided to take the day off. And, as much as I dreaded it, I decided I should just suck it up and take the final exam. So, after two hours of studying, I did it. It’s over. I felt a little panicky mid-test – my mind just kind of went blank. But when I got home and reviewed the material, I felt really good about the test. It will probably be a week or so before I get the final results, but it’s looking good!

On top of that, I’ve finished all of the knitting for Izzy’s Christmas outfit. Now, it’s just the neckbands and sewing up. Since I’m so far ahead on that project, I decided to wing my way down to our LYS and get some yarn for my secret pal at work. She’s expressed a longing for fingerless mitts, so I will make a pair for her along with some coordinating socks. Here’s Still Life With Yarn:


You might sense that I am a little relaxed about tomorrow (besides having Statistics off my back) and you would be correct. I don’t have to cook at all! About 5 or 6 years ago a local restaurant owner decided to start a Community Thanksgiving Feast for those who either couldn’t afford it or didn’t have family in town to share with. We’re a Navy community and a lot of people are away from their extended family. Well, it has really snowballed and now is a real tradition. All kinds of people come – even those who can well afford it. Those who are able throw some money or checks in a container at the front door, but no one really cares. It’s open to all. Bill, my sister and I will be runners – delivering meals to those who can’t get out. It will be a great time! Ironically, last year the man who started the feast died of a heart attack on Thanksgiving day – in the kitchen, cooking turkeys. What a wonderful legacy he has left. Hope you all have wonderful friends and family to share the day with!

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  1. YAY!!! No more bloody eyeball squirting!Something to be truly thankful for 🙂

    What a lovely way to spend thanksgiving, I wish I could join you!

    Have a wondeful day Dorothy!

  2. Here’s a congratulatory Woo Hoo; I can feel your relief! I’ve been considering spending holidays the way you are doing today, though my family would probably vote me down. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Congratulations on finishing statistics! I can feel how thankful you are about that. And then a day off and not having to cook dinner – although I bet you’ll be very tired by the end of the day, but in a good way.

  4. Congrats on stats! And that sounds like a wonderful tradition. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how many invitations I’ve received to Thanksgiving dinners now that I’m so far from home. Off to bake my contribution . . .

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband, and I hope you have a wonderful time at the community dinner. Congratulations on finishing the test – my grandson stresses all the time about his statistics class!

  6. WOO HOO!!!! Congrats! Guess I’d better start using good grammar around here from now on…What an inspiring Thanksgiving story. Seems the wonderful guy who started this left a heartwarming legacy. happy Holidays to you and yours:)

  7. Congratulations! I hope you bought yourself some nice yarn to celebrate!
    That sounds like a lovely TG day tradition. Ours seems to have morphed over the years into collecting all the neighbors and friends who don’t have family around for the day. Sometimes it gets a bit wild, but never boring.

  8. Congratulations! Isn’t it nice to be through with classes before Christmas. Meyers has two more weeks, but he has only two finals; two other classes have papers due this next week. It was good to see him this weekend. And You’re doing so well with your presents. You are an example of organization and planning. What a wonderful way you spent Thanksgiving. My knitting is going slowly, but I do feel I’m learning, just not consistent enough for my taste. Mother has helped me some which is wonderful. I keep ripping out and starting over, and now I just need to loosen up a little. Be sure and tell Claudia hello.

  9. Good for you! Hopefully your future will be stats-free. Unless you do something silly like go for your Master’s. Evil laughter from Vancouver 🙂

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