We’re still here! I wasn’t so sure for a while that we weren’t going to blow away. No floods for us, but a severe windstorm whipped through on Wednesday, knocking out our power for about 12 hours. It happened about 12:00 noon and thank goodness we weren’t right inthe middle of any procedures at work. We were just getting ready for a staff meeting/pot luck over the lunch hour, so we accomplished that and went home. We have a generator and gas stove, so were warm and had lights (but no water). I contemplated the idea of settling in for an afternoon of study, but decided this “found” time should be used wisely – so I knitted. I got all of the edgings knitted on one portion of Izzy’s Christmas outfit and now have about a gazillion ends to weave in. Next year it’s a one-color sweater for her!

Just so I don’t have a picture-less post – I’ve pictured these sweaters before, but this is for anyone linking from the CIC group:


These two ganseys were mailed off yesterday to help with the challenge. And, speaking of charity knitting, after the first of the year I’m going to start a charity knitting group! There are so many wonderful groups out there and I have some knitting friends that are interested. Many of these friends aren’t Knitters, they’re knitters, but they would like to contribute and learn more. A few are even non-knitters and want to learn. In the past I’ve found that having knitting lessons in my home for free has been less than successful. So, these lessons won’t be “free”. The price will be to commit to making at least one item for the charity of your choice.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all their comments about Kongsberg. Once I posted the picture I realized that there is no way I could frog that beautiful sweater! Abby did confirm for me that it’s not really her style and I appreciate her honesty. Better that than a sweater that she hates stuffed into a drawer! I will finish it and then decide what to do with it. Maybe I’ll just save it for Izzy – who knows where she’ll end up for college or medical school. It might be cold there! : )

Well, Dorothy’s a dull girl today – studying will do that to you. But I did take my Abnormal Psych final and turned in my paper for my other Psych class. That means I’m done with everything except Statistics! Hubby is gone today, so I’ve set aside the day to work on that. I have two projects and one discussion left. One project is done so all I need to do today is the other project and the discussion. Then, all that will be left will be the final – and it’s not comprehensive, it’s only on this one section. Woo Hoo!! The biggest problem is that I’m STILL waiting on my grade for the test on the last section. Supposedly I can’t hand in anything on this last section until it’s official that I passed the last one. Believe me, this professor is NOT going to get a good evaluation. Maybe by next week I’ll have more exciting things to talk about.

Oh, I did acquire a new/old knitting book. Family Knits by Debbie Bliss. I had checked it out of the library and liked it so much I bought a used copy off Amazon. It’s got some cute patterns for both children and adults. More on that later.

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  1. Pretty darned impressive. I’ll check in your new knitting venture. Perhaps I can help a little. You got alot accomplished! Pretty awesome and inspiring 🙂

  2. I have the Family Knits book and it does have many lovely patterns, though I have yet to knit any. The charity group sounds like a fun idea. My guild does some charity knitting, but we are not very organized about it. I’ll look to your posts for ideas once you get underway.

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