Our sewing machine shopping trip was a success! Here I am with my new toy, a Bernina Artista 730


Notice the tiara? They were giving them away with the purchase of a top-of-the line Bernina because when you turn it on you feel like a Princess. At the price, those should have been real diamonds! I have to admit I was struck breathless by the price of the machine, but also by the generosity of my husband in agreeing to the purchase. But this machine does everything. I was a little surprised last night to find that it hadn’t traipsed into the kitchen and done the dishes. Maybe I just haven’t found that program yet. It’s a little overwhelming, though, trying to make it do all the things it can do. I definitely need to go in for the classes that come with it. The shop’s an hour away, off island, so I think I will wait until spring when our weather improves and the days are longer (yes, that is more snow you see out the window).

Here is a rather shadowy picture of my first embroidery project:


I see lots of cute little jumpers and dresses in Izzy’s future! Needless to say, I will most definitely be knitting from my stash this year (and maybe the next). All yarn purchases must now come to a sceeching halt! I did manage to get in one last yahoo at Marilyn’s, using up some store credit from my punch card:


That is the Terra Firma colorway – I definitely need more brown socks in my wardrobe. I’m off to play with my machine before getting ready for church. This is another busy week, with work, class and volunteer training. Hope I can fit some knitting and sewing time in!

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  1. Good morning Dorothy!!Congratulations !! How wonderful for you to get a new sewing machine,you will get lots of use out of it,but don’t forget your knitting!I have also signed up for the Forest Path Stole.I have wanted to knit it for a long time but felt it was a bit more than I could handle,but with a group behind me I can do it.I haven’t decided which yarn I should use,do you have any suggestions?

  2. Congrats on the new sewing machine, and the tiara too! I admire anyone who can sew, quilt, anything that requires use of a machine cause they scare me!

  3. Wow! She embroiders too! Beautifully too by the way. Congrats on your new machine and tiara, they look very nice on you;) I’m on a yarn diet too:)

  4. Congrats on your new addition, she’s quite the looker, n’est ce pas? Whoo hoo! That heart she made is stunning!!

    I love that you snuck in just one more skein of SOCK YARN!! 🙂

    Love the tiara!

  5. congrats! your machine sews AND embroiders? wow. you’ll find the “dishes” function soon enough. when i bought my $6K G5 two years ago, I was looking frantically for the “coffee” button. he he. enjoy it! it is well deserved.

  6. congrats! your machine sews AND embroiders? wow. you’ll find the “dishes” function soon enough. when i bought my $6K G5 two years ago, I was looking frantically for the “coffee” button. he he. enjoy it! it is well deserved.

  7. WOW! You’re going to have so much fun with that new machine!

    Just be sure to save enough time to update your blog ’cause we all want to see the pretty things you’re making.

  8. For what we paid for this lovely piece of Swiss technology, I would expect the machine to jump up and kiss me every time I walk into the sewing room. However, until she finds the “Kiss Me” software, Dorothy is doing a fine job of filling in for Miss Artista!

  9. Hi Dorothy,

    Congratulations on the dream machine! I love my Bernina, I took the plunge last spring and got the 440QE with the embroidery unit and I love it! I love making quilts for my kids, so everytime I quilt one myself instead of paying someone else over $100 to do it , I tell my husband how much we just saved! Did your machine come with the BSR? I convinced my husband that I should get mine by comparing the quality of my “tools” to his. And he does like good tools, so it worked! Although I didn’t get a tiar, I’ll have to borrow my daughters when I sew! 🙂 Have fun!

  10. Wow, enjoy your new toy! (What is it they say about men and boys, that the only difference is the price of their toys? I’m beginning to think the same can be said for our gender as well. After all, I love my Golding spindles and absolutely covet their wheels.)

  11. We have a saying when we see something with all the bells and whistles – excuse my language 🙂 That sewing machine does everything but lay you on Saturday night.

    Oh that’s really bad. Hope you’re smiling, afterall it’s nearly Saturday night,

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