Remember the Knitting Guidelines I posted at the beginning of the year? Remember the caveat at the end? I quote, “and if any near and dear to me (son, nieces, nephews, exceptionally close friends) announce an impending arrival, baby knitting will commence.” I had a hunch that exception would be needed and I was right. Abby and Ben called us and let us know that grandchild #2 is on the way!!! We are all so excited. No official due date yet, but probably late September or early October. Baby knitting has not quite commenced, but remember these blocks (scroll down)? Long before Izzy was even a dream, I had started her quilt. This quilt was started in the expectation of someday having another grandchild. I worked on that this week and by next weekend hope to have it ready for hand quilting. I’ll probably hold off on the knitting until we know the sex of the baby.

In anticipation of starting the Forest Path Stole-along, I’ve been working hard on the CIC gansey. I’d really like to get it done by the end of this month. I’m in the black hole of sleeve knitting right now – it seems I knit and knit and the sleeves are the same length. Well, maybe not, but it does seem to be slow going:


Of course, I’ve managed to play with my new toy too. some practice embroidery:


I’ve kind of driven myself crazy surfing the internet looking at all the possibilities. They are a little overwhelming. I finally decided I just need to make some actual projects. So yesterday I bought fabric to make Izzy a little dress. I’m anxious to get started on that, but I need to discipline myself to study sometime in the next two days. This class may be easier than Statistics, but it still will require some effort on my part. So either tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning will be spent in the library. Sigh.

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  1. Congratulations!! Love having little people to ‘do’ for!!!!

    (Given the timing, is it possible this new person was….um….created at grandma’s house?)

  2. You’re one up on me now, Dorothy. But I’m thinking #2 will come along for me in the next year or so. In the meantime I’ll get my knitting inspirations watching you. 🙂 Congratulations.

  3. Congrats on grandchild #2. Baby knitting is always fun. Of course some nice embroidery on bibs, receiving blankets, clothes would be fun too.

  4. Okay, so I was just going to run the vacuum around the house. A good thing, right? Your little knitting basket was sitting by the chair in the living room, and I was going to just vacuum up TO the basket, but not too close. Well, there was this little piece of yarn laying there on the floor by your basket and, well, the end of the yarn sorta got caught in the vacuum cleaner.

    Honest! I had NO idea it was actually attached to anything! Do you have ANY IDEA how quickly a vacuum cleaner brush rotating at a bazillion times a second can un-knit something before you can reach the off switch?? Sorry, sweetie… really.

    Not to worry, though. I’ve seen you knitting enough to have a rough idea of how the knitting process is actually performed, and really, it’s just yarn wrapped around a couple of sticks with twists and turns, right? I mean, how hard can it really be? So I went looking for a couple of your knitting needles in your sewing room. The ones I found weren’t actually the same diameter or length, but that’s not real important, is it? Anyway, it took me a couple of hours, but I fixed the damage myself! Aren’t you proud of me?

    Please disregard the numerous knots and shredded appearance along the bottom edge of the sweater. The yarn was so wrapped around the vacuum cleaner brush, I had to cut it off and piece it back together using a bunch of double overhand chimney hitch knots I learned in the Fire Department. Next time, YOU vacuum around your knitting basket and I’ll take care of the rest of the house, okay?



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