No harm, no foul!  Check hubby’s comments on my last post.  They’re hilarious.  I was a little alarmed until I remembered that my cashmere shawl was draped across the back of the chair  The errant 60" cable finally arrived from Knitpicks and I was able to get a good photo (dog added for scale):


I really would like to get this done before the start of the Forest Path Stole-a-long, but doubt that will happen.  The rows are getting really, really L…O…N…G.  But this yarn is just heaven to work with.

I did get another project done – the CIC gansey.  This is the Jerrod’s gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book in a size 32 out of Cascade 220.  Cic_8

I’ll mail this off this week along with a pair of fingerless mitts.  Not sure yet what my next CIC project will be, but I’ve got lots of green Cascade 220 left over.

And of course, I’ve been sewing, sewing!  Here is my first official completed project:


Way cute if I say so myself!  I don’t know if the little buttons show up very well in the picture, but they say "U.S.A."  And look at the inside of the little purse:


I’ve given up making cute little hats for Izzy.  She just won’t wear them.  But I have a feeling she will tote around a cute little purse.  Today I’ve been working on a quilt top that I found while cleaning out my sewing room.  Many years ago my mother-in-law wanted to make a Lone Star quilt and I helped her get started.  She never finished it and when she first moved into assisted living, I offered to do it for her.  She said she really wanted to finish it herself.  Now she has moved from assisted living into full time adult care and no longer has the pnysical capabilities to sew so now I am going to finish it for her and give it to her for Mother’s Day.  I am very excited about this project!  I know it will please her so much.  I’m off to attach the borders and maybe I’ll have a picture for you next week.


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  1. I loved your husband’s comment, and shared it with mine (who I think won’t go within 10 feet, either in person or with any appliance) of anything I’m knitting. Great embroidery machine!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL-First off, your shawl and sweater are just gorgeous! I knew Izzy was going to be the first one to reap the benefits of your new toy too;) Your skills are wicked great! Your hubby’s comment was so hilarious! I’ll bet there will no more loose tails hanging aroung your knitting place;) What a great guy to try to fix it too!

  3. Can’t wait for Isobel to try on her new outfit. It’s super cute. 😀 I hope Bill didn’t get into too much trouble. :p

  4. Dorothy – how wonderful ALL your projects are. I love Isabel’s purse and dress. I’ve really gotten into the knitting and want to do one more blanket rectangle for “Warm Up America” (at least I think that’s the name) and then start on a baby blanket for a friend. I have a knitting lesson/knit along tonight. Slowly, but surely, I keep going.

    And Bill sounds so neat. I love a sense of humor – and you are both lucky to have found such wonderful love and help mates to each other!


  5. He is adorable. The hubby not the dog. OK the dog, too. I’m thinking about the forest path knitalong. What is the most favourite laceweight yarn you’ve tried and would recommend for such a project? Cashmere, alpaca….

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