A busy weekend – but fun stuff going on.  My sister is on the board of the Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra and this year she was the chairman of their annual auction.  My mission was to go down and hopefully keep her from having a total melt down.  I believe the mission was accomplished successfully.  When all was said and done, she had raised about $70,000 for the orchestra, so I think it was definitely a job well done!  And I think she even came out on the other side with her sanity semi-intact.  There are rumblings of her doing it again next year, but I think she needs to decompress from this year before making a decision.  But she did a great job!!

A little knitting was accomplished while I was sitting waiting at one time or another.  I have resurrected a previously frogged project.  Remember this afghan?  I started it, then changed my mind, then frogged it and started something else, then changed my mind and started something else again.  Well, I changed my mind again.  Do we detect a little knitting ADD here?  I first started off doing a pattern that I had done for my sister years ago and loved.  But I saw something else I thought I would like better – when that didn’t work out, I thought doing squares for the Great American Aran Afghan would be fun.  And no doubt they are fun, but I found myself needing some semi-mindless knitting to distract me from the boredom of Forest Path, so we are back to the original Guernsey-style afghan.  And just to show you that I am far enough that changing my mind is no longer an option:


I’ve finished the center panel and started on one of the end borders.  I don’t promise that this will be done anytime soon – I need it as a mindless distraction.  But I do promise it will NOT be frogged!  Remember, you heard it hear first.

And, if you followed my comments from last post, the verdict is in.  Abby does want to see the quilt.  I emailed her a picture a few days ago, but here for your viewing enjoyment is Ivy’s baby quilt:


I had toyed with the idea of machine quilting it, but I remember the joy I had of putting all those hand stitches into Izzy’s quilt and praying for her as I stitched.  So this will be hand quilted and savored, with prayers going up for Ivy’s safe arrival, good health and a happy, blessed life.

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  1. The quilt is adorable. Such excellent work you do! And I’m anxious to watch the afghan progress. Not familiar with that type of pattern.

  2. The quilt is wonderful. Izzy and Ivy are such blessed granddaughters to have a nana like you.

    Not only do you make them beautiful things, but make them with love and prayers. I think my eyes are getting a little misty, too.

  3. I love the quilt. It is so cheery. Your love will be keeping little Ivy warm, and some day she can use it for her child(ren). What a wonderful legacy. And, before you know it, both Izzy and Ivy will be old enough to teach them to knit and sew – if they are so inclined. And – I have a silly question. I’m getting ready to start on an easy baby blanket, and how big do you think it should be? I keep seeing different sizes and wondered what the difference is for some being larger than others. – Margaret

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