Caution:  Actual knitting content follows.  I know, a shocker, huh?  I’ve been feeling a trifle guilty at the lack of knitting content lately.  My pendulum seems to have swung more towards quilting and sewing.  But then I remind myself that this is not primarily a knitting blog – it is a blog about my life and interests and as such reflects that those interests can be pretty varied.

Today has been very wet and windy – a perfect day for puttering around inside.  I settled in with recorded versions of Fons & Porter Quilting, Martha’s Sewing Room and Eleanor Burns (I know, she drives me crazy too, but she makes some great quilts!) and finished the knitting on Abby’s sweater:


All that’s left now is to start sewing together, knit on the collar and install the zipper.  Not my favorite parts of the knitting process, but at times necessary.  However it does bode well for having the sweater done by the time I go to Orlando in September.

And, after a brief hiatus in stash enhacement, I succumbed to these lovelies:


This is Tatamy Tweed (grey) and Little Lehigh (pink) by Kraemer Yarns.  They are the identical yarns, but the Little Lehigh is the name for their baby colors.  The yarn is 45% cotton and 55% acrylic and is machine washable.  It has a wonderful hand to it and knits up as a DK.  The owner of the LYS had some garments done up and they were gorgeous.  The pink is destined to be a little sweater for Ivy and the grey will be a vest for me.  The pattern is the "Hester" vest (I know, I was drawn to the name!) from the Kashmiri Love Collection.  I can’t seem to find a photo on the internet so I’ll try to scan one when I actually get started on it.  It’s a darling vest with a shirttail hem – very flattering.  The price on this yarn is great – $5.95 for 250 yards!  If I like how it turns out, I’ll probably do it again in Silky Wool.

I also started Ivy’s newborn set.  Yes, there are sets made for both Ben and Izzy that she could wear, but she needs to have her own to hand down to her babies.  I tried to get a picture, but my flash just wasn’t cooperating.  Suffice it to say that it’s a lacey Dale of Norway pattern in white. 

Did you every have one of those times that you were glad you stayed home?  This weekend certainly qualifies.  Hubby asked if I would like to go away for the weekend with him and we thought about driving up to Vancouver and visiting Li.  I had emailed her, but apparently her email was having issues and she didn’t get it.  Just as well, because we heard on the news that the Peace Arch crossing (which we usually take) is closed due to a huge annual celebration and the crossing that cars were being diverted to was down to one lane in each direction.  So, we decided to take a ride on a local tour boat that cruises around our island.  I was all set to go and buy tickets when we read about the icky weather and possibly choppy seas.  We are neither one good sailors so decided to wait until things are a little calmer.  So, we pick up our morning paper today to find that the boat ran aground, sending some passengers to the hospital.  Our safe little home is feeling very snug and cozy today!

And, if you want a good laugh, go check out Jessica’s site – what a hoot!!  Definitely falls into the category, "What WERE they thinking?"

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  1. I just love the color of Ivy’s sweater. It looks as if it will be a beauty when you assemble the pieces. Have you ever used Silky Wool? I have some stash yarn, and I’ve been looking at it for a possible summer knit.

  2. Nice yarn. Hester vest? I can hardly wait to see it. Do they have a Pappy vest?

    Glad you missed out on the misadventure at sea. Water wrecks are super scary to me.

  3. Aw, to see it in writing I’m disappointed you didn’t come up. Hoping you’ll try again soon.

    I’ll have to look into that yarn, sounds lovely.


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