I’m on sleeve island, and believe me, it’s a teeny tiny little place:


This one’s almost done, then the second, join together and knit the yoke.

Yesterday hubby and I drove up to Bellingham to visit with his uncle who recently had surgery and of course, there was time to go by Marilyn’s.  Sadly the store is closing, but happily there is a liquidation sale going on.  It’s been going on for several weeks, so I was doubtful that I would score anything good.  I had hoped to find some laceweight yarn, but the only thing left were some single skeins of Zephyr in some odball colors.  However, much to my surprise I came away with this:


Well, actually more than that – that’s just a sampling of the colors.  There is enough for a vest for me out of the rose, a sweater for hubby out of the grey and a sweater for me out of the blue.  I was very, very happy!  I’ve so been wanting some Silky Wool and I can’t believe I got the colors I wanted on sale.  I’m going to be very disciplined (yes, you heard it here first) and wait until baby knitting and quilting is over before starting anything.  I should wait until October because I’m going to be taking a class with Elsebeth Lavold!  She is coming to AnaCrossstitch in Anacortes.  I do feel a little guilty – I’m taking three weeks off to go to Orlando, then I come back, work one day and take a day off for the class.  But work is just going to have to deal with it – this may be a once in a lifetime chance.

Speaking of work, I’m getting more than my share of hours this month.  For the past 20 years I’ve worked a four day work week and I really like it.  But this month we are short handed and I’ve been working five days.  I do not like it!  That extra day means a lot more free time.  And I’ve realized that that extra day is also my "alone" time.  Fridays are usually spent puttering around the house and in my sewing room.  Hubby and I check in several times a day, but he is usually puttering in his shop.  I find that I treasure that time that I’m not around people.  I’ve heard that there are two types of people – those that are energized by being around others and those that are energized by time spent alone.  I am definitely one of the latter.  At the end of the month I’ll be ready to crawl into a hole and not come out for awhile!

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  1. Ooooh, a class with EL! We will surely want to know how that goes. The sleeve is lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished product. You deserved three weeks in Orlando.

  2. Silky Wool is a great yarn, the colors are so pretty. Why don’t you whip up the vest so you can wear it to the class? I’ve found that designers really appreciate seeing their yarns and/or designs being worn in real life.

  3. Oh, Dorothy, I so relate to the alone time. I took a day off, and it has been raining here so much, my hubby was around most of the day and put me in a bad mood. Just couldn’t seem to get done what I wanted with the “quiet” to gather my thoughts for organization, etc. And he wasn’t a pest, but there were definitely more interruptions that took me away from my goals. I thought it was because I’m an only child and spent a lot of time alone. But perhaps even coming from a larger family, you still need that. I notice even my oldest son needs that alone time, while Jamie, the younger, doesn’t seem to.

    And the sweater is beautiful – for a beautiful creation.

  4. Great haul!! Ok so PLEASE tell Elsebeth she needs some schematics!!! PLEASE!

    Actually that’s pretty exciting to be taking a class with her!

  5. Elsebeth Lavold in October, I may have to look into that!

    Starting next week I go to four days every other week. Even a day off every other week sounds heavenly to me after a good long run of full time.

    Glad you found something good at Marilyn’s.


  6. Lucky you on the Silky Wool and the class with Elsebeth Lavold. I’ve been eyeing the bit of it I have in my stash wondering when I should get it on the needles, especially now that it is hot enough to move away from working in all wool.

    I too need lots of quiet time, and I always attributed it to growing up as an only child. Things that seem to bother other people, such as going to restaurants or movies alone, seldom bother me. I just don’t feel right if I don’t get a few hours to myself each day–but I can do that when I work, since I never see other people then.

    Keep up the work on the sleeve! That looks like a beautiful sweater in progress.

  7. How interesting. I would have guessed you to be more of a people energized person. Seems like you’re always on the go.

    In my working years I sometimes used vacation days to create a four day week and they were heavenly.

    That sleeve looks enormous is the picture. It’s baby size. Right?

    Good yarn score but sorry your yarn store is closing. And, you know I heartily endorse Debi’s request for Lavold schematics.

  8. Marilyn’s is closing??? Isn’t that the one in the old bank? Oh noooooo…. I loved that place. We went there when we were on vacation. It was a great shop.

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