Once again, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I’ve just been working, working, working.  I don’t know how all of you out there who work 5 days a week do it.  I feel as if all I do is go to work and then try to catch up on the weekends.  In the evenings I have a choice as to whether I knit or blog.  Clearly knitting wins out because if I didn’t knit I wouldn’t have anything to blog about, but I don’t have time to blog, so it doesn’t really matter anyway!  And for some reason, every weekend since I’ve started this work schedule, I’ve had to go off island for something or another.  Sigh!  Let’s just say that all of the extra money I’m making has gotta go for something really nice to make me feel better.

I really feel kind of blah, too, but I think weariness plays into that a lot.  I miss my Fridays when I get to "play" and refresh.  This too shall pass and with any luck the employee I’m subbing for will be back soon.  I would not trade with her for anything – she had back surgery yesterday and the day before that her father passed away.  My heart really goes out to her and I hope she has a speedy recovery despite a heavy heart.

Ok, so enough whining.  During my spare time I’m been doing a lot of quilting.  All of the hand quilting on Ivy’s quilt is now done and only the binding to do!  I need a block of time to work on that so I don’t rush through and mess things up at the end, so that will probably have to wait at least another week.  The first sleeve on the sweater set is done and the second started.  This week I’m going to Seattle for the Pacific Northwest Dental Convention.  I know, you’re all jealous.  I’m kind of kicking myself for signing up.  It’s not required, but now that my boss has paid my way, I’m committed.  But it is paid time and a nice chance to bond with our staff.  Four of us have gotten hotel rooms so we don’t have to drive back and forth.  Friday afternoon I will take the bus over to Kirkland and meet up with my sister, who hopes to convince me to stay up until midnight and go with her to Barnes & Noble and pick up the new Harry Potter.  I think her chances are about 50-50.  The next day we’re going to the Pacific Science Center to watch the new Harry Potter on Imax.  So, a fun but exhausting week in store.

Today Abby sent me an email proving just how extremely intelligent Izzy is!  She was pointing out her nose, mouth etc. to Ben in English and then turned around and did the same thing to Abby in Chinese – apparently without prompting.  She knows which language to use with which parent!  How very, very clever.  Now she’ll just have to figure out the grandparent thing.  Although Abby’s parents speak a lot more English than we do Mandarin.

I leave you with this cutie – a little corner design done on some fleece.  I think these would make cute receiving blankets and am contemplating doing some up for our local Pregnancy Care Center.  What do you guys think is a nice size for a receiving blanket?  The fleece is 58" wide and if I make them just a hair under 30" square, I could get four out of a little over a yard and a half of fleece.


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  1. You can always buy yarn with the extra money.

    I go on jags where I work 10 days to two weeks straight, and it always tires me out. The knitting is a nice break though, and I try to get in at least a couple of hours at night while “watch” TV or listening to an audiobook.

  2. Receiving blankets. I have made and given a ton of them away and they seem to be well received. I make them out of a square of flannel and I make them square-ish, so they are about 36″ square(ish) I usually simply serge around the edjes rounding off the corners when I go. Your design would be lovely on a solid colored flannel blankie.

  3. I’m taking a 10% cut in pay to have one day off every other week and I’m fretting about it. I’m sure it will be fine and I’ll get used to it quickly. Sounds like a fun time coming up!

  4. Dorothy,
    I hope you enjoy the dental convention, this year. I passed on the option, as I went last year. or maybe you didn’t know that I am a hygienist.

  5. Love the blanket trim, and I think this would make any new mother feel special. You are so thoughtful to use your talents like this.

    I’ve been working 5 days a week for so long – and for the last several months have been working quite a bit of overtime (Monday evenings, and some mornings coming in at 7–normal arrival at 8:30). But, I enjoy my job and feel appreciated, which goes a long way. Right now that overtime goes to college tuition for Meyers – and Jamie if he will go. So you can see why there is little progress in my knitting. So I live vicariously through yours (and your granddaughters also). I’m so excited for you.

  6. Cute receiving blanket! Any new mom would love to have one of those. I am having the same “blog or knit” dilemma. If I spend all my time on the computer, I don’t have anything to blog about (and get a very sore neck!), and if I knit enough to have something to blog about, there’s no time to do a post.

  7. I’m a SAHM and I still have trouble finding time to blog. I do find time to knit simply because I’m always sitting in my kids’ activities with nothing else to do.

    Very cute blanket!

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