Ivy’s baby quilt is finished!


This really has been a most pleasurable project from start to finish.  Now all that’s left is the label, but that will have to wait until she is actually born.  Since we will be there in Orlando, I’m going to have to figure out a way to design most of it here, add in the stats after her birthday and print it out onto fabric there.  I’ve already picked out the Bible verse for the the label: "I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord.  Plans for good and not for evil, for a hope and a future."  These words were written by Jeremiah to relay God’s message to the nation of Israel.  They embody perfectly my hopes and dreams for Ivy.

The little sweater set is coming along too.  The sweater is all done except for the neckband, sewing the underarm seams and darning what seems to be an awful lot of ends for a one color sweater!


Once the cap is done I can start picking up some languishing projects, such as Forest Path and the finishing of Abby’s sweater.  Hmmm – any chance I can get that done before our trip?

On Monday I was getting ready to go off to an evening meeting and decided to wear my snappy new sandals:


Notice something not quite right?  I’m wearing wool socks.  In July.  Even for the Pacific Northwest that just doesn’t seem fittin’.

This morning I started a new audio book (Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky) while on the treadmill.  I got this from the library because the plot sounded interesting:  A young woman is raised by a single mom and never knows her father.  She marries into a snobby wealthy family that is thrown into turmoil when she gives birth to a child with distinctively African American features.  She then goes searching for the father she has never known.  Imagine my delight when, in the first chapter, the author establishes that the main character is not only a knitter, but an obsessed one as well!!  She has a disagreement with her husband over how much yarn is appropriate for a 24 hour hospital stay.  She says, "But what if I run out?"  Ah, a woman after my own heart.  Her in-laws are also a little put off by all of the intricate baby items she has knitted because they are not from Neiman Marcus.  She even discusses her stash.  I think this is going to be a great read!

Off to a fun picnic today – our knitting group hosts the group from the adjacent island.  It’s lots of food, fun and great show and tell.  And the door prize is the knitting tote I made, so I’m anxious to see how it’s received.  Toodles!

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  1. Ah comfy shoes, a woman after my own heart. Or would that be feet? I found a pair of good ones yesterday – half price. Not terribly fashionable, but really comfortable. Can’t figure out why I have such sensitive feet.

  2. The quilt is lovely–and the sweater looks nice also.

    I’m so jealous that you can wear wool socks now. I keep psyching myself up that there are really only about six more hot weeks (and I’m dreaming of crisp fall days).

    I’ve encountered people in real life who thought I was being cheap by giving them knitted gifts–most notably a roommate who shared my first apartment. It still surprises me that there are people who get so hung up on designer labels rather than the actual quality of the garment–not to mention overlooking the thought that went into making something special as a gift.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! The Bible verse is perfect-hopes and dreams for our little ones. How nice that you can be there. Love the sandals and socks. I wear my wool socks all year round.

  4. The quilt and sweater are so nice. I like the verse you picked out for the quilt. I just now finished Harry Potter, and I thought that was a fitting quote for him too! I share your sentiments about the book from the last post.

  5. What a beautiful quilt and an adorable sweater!

    Do you buy your audiobooks? Rent? Get em from the library? I’ve never partaken as is quite obvious so please guide me 🙂

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. And your life is exciting when you produce such original, one-of-a-kind gifts for your family (and others). Artistry is one of the most exciting endeavors I can imagine. And when your grandchildren grow older and realize all the love woven in to the sweaters or sewn into the quilt (that they can pass on to their children), it will bring more warmth from inside. And I can tell from Abby’s post she appreciates your labors of love.

    And from your hubby’s activities, he also has the artist soul – as his creations are equally intricate and I can tell made with love.

    Happy Monday

  7. Wow Grandma, what wonderful welcome gifts for baby Ivy. And you’re early getting them done, too. Sept 18 is the expected birthday if I remember right?

    I wear my wool socks til it hits mid 80s. This week it’s 90s. I’m jealous of your nice cool weather and especially your rain.

    I’m doing my knitting to Deathly Hallows audio book read by the UK reader. It’s a great way to catch all the detail I missed during the read when holding my breath to the end.

  8. Such beautiful baby things, Dorothy. Isn’t it wonderful to know that already, Ivy is the apple of God’s eye and He really does have a plan and purpose for her?

  9. Love the baby quilt! It’s gorgeous. I keep having an urge to knit baby items, but don’t want to jinx the possibility of grandbabes some day! Will be anxious to see your white sweater all finished.

    Your audio book sounds very interesting! Going to my library website right now to see if they have it. Hope so!

    Later – K

  10. Very beautiful baby things! I love the quilt, and the Bible verse you chose.
    I love the socks with the sandals. Very northwest-ish. 😉

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