Just in case you think that I’m the only creative one in the family, look what hubby made for Isobel:


Isn’t it gorgeous? This is definitely destined to be an heirloom. Sadly, when he went to ship it, he found out that it would cost almost $200 just for shipping! So, he’s told Izzy’s parents that if they want her to ride it, she needs to come here. It’s almost cheaper that way! We’ll hold it for her here at Nana & Grandpa’s and hopefully they will move closer soon or we’ll find another shipping option.

Several weeks ago my best friend, Jan (who reads my blog, is a college English teacher and is probably cringing at the last sentence in the previous paragraph) gave me a gift certificate to our LYS to buy yarn for a project for Ivy. I really tried to wait until she could go shopping with me (really, Jan!), but I was over in Anacortes yesterday to give blood and just couldn’t resist dropping into the shop. Look what followed me home:


A tower of yarn. Actually I cheated and turned the photo on its side. This will be enough yarn for a Tulip cardigan for Ivy and her big sister too. In fact, there will probably be enough yarn to make a bigger size as well so that when Izzy outgrows hers, Ivy can wear it and Izzy will have another one to match! This yarn is Comfort by Berroco. It’s an acrylic/nylon blend, but just as soft as can be. As much as I love the Dream in Color yarn, I just can’t justify the cost – even for the kits. That is, if you can even find them. I’m hoping this will be a good substitute for some sweaters of many colors for the girls.

Lastly, I would like all of you to send up a little prayer for our dear Hester. If God cares about every little sparrow, I know he cares about little dogs too. Hester started limping rather badly a few weeks ago. She didn’t appear to be in any pain and has otherwise been her usual perky self. We took her to the vet and he found a large mass around her right shoulder joint. X-rays were inconclusive, so he sent them off to a radiologist. The radiologist also found them inconclusive, but feels that it is probably not cancer. It could be some kind of connective tissue tumor, however. She is scheduled to have a biopsy on August 13th. We are very worried about her, but determined to be positive. We love her dearly and hope for a return to good health for her.

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  1. Wow, Grandpa is as talented as Grandma!
    Looking forward to seeing your Tulip sweaters. I really want to make that too, but no babies around to knit for at the moment. I’m sure that will change soon though.

  2. Hester will definitely be in my prayers. I’m pretty sure God cares about dogs, too.
    Send the rocking horse east with Kris, if she has room in that U-haul. It’s just gorgeous!

  3. Wow, Grandpa is quite the artiste! I bet if he broke it down and sent explicit instructions for re-assembly it would be MUCH cheaper to ship!

    I’ll keep Hester in my prayers. God not only cares about dogs, He cherishes the little ones with no voices most of all 🙂

  4. What a beautiful rocking horse! Some talented family! I just love Dream in Color’s patterns, too. And know that my family and Milo will be offering prayers for Hester as she undergoes her tests. I know how you feel, and I understand the deep love you have for her. She will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. I love the little Tulip cardigan! It’s so cute. Can’t wait to see the girls in matching outfits. 😀

    Get well soon, sweet little Hessy. Please keep us posted on the result, Nana.


  6. It’s gorgeous and priceless. Amazing detail. Love all those curves in the legs.

    Certainly prayers for Hester and her family as you go through this stressful time of tests and waiting. Glory, Sunny, and Pappy send their best wishes for a quick recovery.

  7. Don’t tell Nana, but I used some of her quilt batting for fanny padding under the leather saddle. I actually built it so the rocker assembly is removeable for shipping… not that it made a lot of difference… because UPS can’t ship both pieces in the same box (too large), the Post Office can ship the rocker assembly but not the horse (again, too large), and UPS and Fedex want over $200 to ship the two boxes! Ah well, if she wants to ride her horse, she’ll have to come to granpa’s house!

  8. The rocking horse is a treasure and will make visits to the grandparents extra special. I’ve been eyeing the Comfort yarn; it will be perfect for the Tulip sweater. Sending get well soon wishes for Hester.

  9. Have you tried greyhound as a shipping method? Friends on vacation once bought a large, vintage bicycle they could not bring home on the plane…greyhound put it in the baggage hold and they picked it up at the station when they arrived home. It was 3/4 the cost of the other options.

    You both are so talented. Every grandchild should be so lucky!

  10. The rocking horse is beautiful and definitely an heirloom. I hope that Hester is going to be okay. I am sending positive thoughts your way for her.

  11. Wow, I love the horse, what a thoughtful grandfather. The yarn is beautiful and will make such beautiful sweaters. Hope you find a way for the horse to travel east. Who knows – someone you know may end up driving that way. You never know. But any way, it’ll be there for both girls to ride at your house.

    Love, Margaret

  12. The rocking horse is priceless! Totally awesome.
    Will look forward to seeing your tulip sweater as it develops. The yarn substitution looks great to me!

    As for Hester, prayers will be forthcoming…. Sofee also sends her love and best wishes. Keep us posted.

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