Thanks to some long awaited time off, it’s been a busy few days here at Missouri Star, resulting in some actual FO’s.  Dial up users, be forewarned this is a picture heavy post, so be patient.

First off, Ivy’s newborn set is all done except for buttons and ribbon:


It looks alarmingly large.  I was hoping she could wear it home from the hospital, but it may be more appropriate for 3 months or so.  But that will also put it in the middle of Orlando winter, so it might be more appropriate weather-wise also.  Also finished, the Tulip Cardigan:


Yes, I started it about a week ago.  This knit was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  However, gauge was not my friend.  Yes, I did a swatch and yes, I got gauge.  But when I reached the end, it looked a little small – see it compared to the "newborn" set?


I measured again and lo and behold I was 1/2 stitch per inch off.  Of course, in the wonderful world of baby knitting, both sweaters will fit her at some point.  I only found one puzzling discrepancy in the pattern.  When picking up the stitches for the front seed stitch border, you are instructed to pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows.  However, when knitting the fronts you were told to slip the first stitch of every row.  That results in one edge stitch for every two rows.  I don’t see how you can have it both ways.  I just picked up one for one in each edge stitch and it worked out fine.  Of course, for such a little sweater there were an amazing number of ends to weave in.  This, however, was more than offset by the fact that there was NO seaming!  All, in all, I highly recommend this pattern and I’ve already started on a matching one for Izzy.

Also on the knitting front, I have joined the Six Sock Knitalong.  Please don’t ask me why.  Because it was there?  Anyhoo, here’s the start of my I Love Gansey Sock:


I’m using Regia Silk and I think it’s turning out just lovely.  Certainly not a mindless knit, but the pattern is relatively clear.  I tried once again using two circs, but I keep coming back to my tried and trusted dpn’s.  They just feel so comfortable to me.  My brother-in-law was watching me knit and asked how many needles I had.  I told him five.  He said, "Too many moving parts for me."  But I told him only two were moving at any one time. 

I also had some free time to play with my sewing machine and turned out these cute receiving blankets:


They will be donated to our local Pregnancy Care Clinic, reinforcing my belief that every child is a wanted child – even if some mother only uses it once to wrap up her baby as a gift to an adoptive family.

Thanks to all of you who have send good wishes for Hester our way.  She is scheduled for surgery on Monday for a biopsy.  She goes in at 8:00 a.m., but the vet said she may be home as early as noon.   We just hate sending her "under the knife" because she seems so much better on Rimadyl, but I would hate knowing that there was something that we could fix if caught early and we did nothing.  I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

And lastly, all of the photos in this post were taken with my new Canon SD1000.  Hubby’s camera died and he was looking for a new one.  He headed off to the store to buy for himself and instead came home with a new one for me!  He had heard me saying that I liked my camera but wished I had a smaller one.  So he’s taking my Canon G6 and giving me the new one.  What a sweetie!  Once again he proves he’s a keeper.

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  1. Wow, Dorothy. What a post! Where do I start? A cool new camera. I have always thought your pics were great with the old one. Your hubby is, indeed, a keeper. The sweaters are adorable. I am so eager to make the Tulip sweater, but there are no babies in our family, yet. The Deputy isn’t even dating. I love the gansey socks. I’m crazy for cables. But most of all, I’ll be praying for Hester. If there is something in there that can be removed, it’s best to know now while it can be fixed. You are doing the right thing. Give the sweetie a big smooch from Milo, and please keep us posted. We care.

  2. So did my picture burn your retinas? 🙂

    The baby sweaters are so cute, i love the tulip!

    I love the gansey sock too, that Janine is a designing wiz…I just asked her if she knits with her feet and hands simultaneously to get all that knitting done!

    Those receiving blankets are precious, so kind of you to do that Dorothy!

  3. What a busy lady you’ve been! The baby sweaters are so precious – one totally classic white and lacy and the other such fun bright colors.

    The blankets are cute cute cute. One can never have too many receiving blankets for a baby. Your comment about handing off the baby to the adopting family brought back many precious memories of adopting my daughter. I can remember what she was wearing the first time we met her and everything about her. She was two months old. Sweet memories indeed.

    I’ve been a 6Sox member since the beginning, but haven’t been tempted to knit any of the recent patterns until this one. It looks like a real winner and I think I’m going to give it a cast on soon.

  4. I never pay much attention to the sizing of baby sweaters for that very reason – it never makes much sense. But both are lovely, and I’m sure they’ll be used often!

  5. What cute sweaters! That baby is going to feel very special. So are the unknown babies who will be wrapped in those lovely blankies. The socks also look like a fun pattern.
    I’ll say a little extra prayer for Hester. Riley sends smooches, too.

  6. That is an awful lot of knitting. I don’t knit for babies often, and to eliminate the measurement problem for babies who aren’t here to be measured (as in those of friends and relatives), I’ve bought kits from Morehouse. I was always surprised that the 12 month size wasn’t substantially different from the 18 month size in another design. And, since these take a while, I usually knit something I know will be too large for a long time. Your sweaters look wonderful. I also really like that sock pattern.

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