Hester says thanks (woof!) for all the get-well wishes:


She came through her surgery with flying colors.  You can see the shaved area on her shoulder, but I didn’t do a head on shot because it’s pretty gross.  She seems to be comfortable and wanted to eat – but then she always wants to eat.  However, I’m comforted by the fact that that indicates she can’t be too sick.  The vet is still somewhat stumped.  There did not seem to be a tumor, but lots of dead tissue.  He said it almost looked as if she has suffered an injury, such as being hit by a car.  But she is never out of our sight and has had no injuries.  I’ve talked with her breeder and she comes up with nothing that happened prior to her coming to us either.  So a biopsy has been sent off and we wait.  In the meantime, she is on antibiotics, which the vet says in a best case scenario may clear up the problem.  We won’t discuss the worst case scenario.  Thank you to all of you for your prayers for her!

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