Thank you all!

Thank you all for the outpouring of sympathy for Hester.  The response to our sad news has been heartwarming and a little bit overwhelming.  I really had intended to respond to each one of your comments personally, but I’m sure you understand that right now it’s just a little too hard.  But be assured that hubby and I have read every one and it does help ease our pain.

Yesterday morning I had an epiphany.  As usual, I let Hester out of her crate and she sped out the doggy door to do her morning duty.  Then she came running back inside and as usual jumped up and caught her morning biscuit in midair.  This filled me with such joy and I realized that each day that she is like this is a gift!  Rather than worry about what is to come, I’m trying very hard to focus on the good days that we have and enjoy her remaining time rather than grieve in advance and lose the joys she gives us.  Hmmm – sounds a little Biblical doesn’t it?  Matthew 6:34 – "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."  Good advice.  Hester thoroughly agrees.



By the way, in the picture she is waiting patiently for Kirby to finish his dinner.  If he doesn’t finish it all (which he often doesn’t), she gets to pick off the leftovers, but will only do so when given permission.

On the one hand, knitting has comforted me the past few days, but I have definitely been distracted.  The simple little sleeve on the second Tulip Cardigan has been frogged at least four times!  So, I thought I would entertain you with a picture of the tangle of ends waiting to be woven in.


The worst of our road construction is coming to an end.  All the grading is finished and the main roadway is paved.  All that is left is the shoulder work, sidewalks and then a finish layer.  I’ve tried to take pictures that show the massive scope of this project, but it’s been impossible.  Here’s a picture of road down to bare dirt and an idea of how much they lowered the road in our area.  Further down it was lowered even more!


And the paving:


Through it all the workers have been incredibly helpful and gracious, making accommodations for us and allowing us through barriers to get in and out of our driveway.  It was great fun watching the huge machines as they graded and pounded and made the ground rumble.  But we will still be glad to see the end of them!

2 thoughts on “Thank you all!

  1. Truth is, none of us know what tomorrow brings so finding the joy in every day is a pretty good plan. Worry never changes the outcome of anything, it just takes away the joy. Enjoy your beautiful Hester every single minute 🙂

    PS – can you possibly explain the purpose of lowering the roads?

  2. Debi, in response to your question as to the purpose of lowering the road… our best guess is to spend hard earned tax dollars in the least productive way possible. However, the “official” answer is to improve the “sight distance” for drivers topping the hill. On the other hand, it seems to me the whole project will just give drivers an easier time getting up the hill to speed past our driveway as we wait patiently to turn onto the highway. Aaaaah, progress.

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