I am such a dork!  I finished the second Tulip cardigan and decided I needed to organize my projects and finish up a few.  I got things cleaned out and picked up the Hester vest.  I was all snuggled down in my knitting chair, ready to go, when I realized I couldn’t find the pattern.  I searched for almost an hour, going through the bookcase, through piles in my sewing room, under chairs, you name it.  It was only then I realized it was in the stack of magazines right by my knitting chair.  D’oh!  Anyway, I finished the first front and did a three needle bind off to join to the back:


It’s hard to get a good detail shot, but at least you can see the nice shirttail hem – accomplished by short rows.  And here’s a photo of Tulip 2:


This just wasn’t as much fun as the first, but maybe it was my frame of mind.  I also started losing my infatuation for the yarn.  It is incredibly soft, but also incredibly splitty.  And while finishing I kept snagging it on everything, from the needle to a rough spot on my nails.  I don’t have great expectations for this being practical for an active toddler.  But maybe she’ll get one season of wear out of it.  I’m also concerned that it’s a little short.  I followed the instructions and changed color every 8 rows, but probably should have gone every 10 rows.

In addition to trying to get more organized (including organizing my sock yarn stash on Ravelry), I engaged in some stash enhancement.  I was browsing the Knit Picks site – always a danger.  I went there just to order some more needles, but checked out the sale page and found some lovely Essential sock yarn.  Supposedly these were not vibrant enough for their regular stock, but I love the more subtle colors:



Wouldn’t you know, the sale yarn was in stock, but the needles I wanted were backordered!

Hester has had a very good week!  On Sunday, after gobbling down her morning chow, she decided that Kirby needed to play with her.  She would run as fast as she could down the hall, run back and do circles around Kirby, poking him with her nose.  Kirby, being 14 years old, was not amused.  He put up with it for about 3 or 4 cycles and then pounced and got her on her back and growled at her.  She meekly obeyed the order to leave him alone.  He may be almost 5 times her age and half her weight, but he is still top dog!

In the continuing saga of road construction, I thought the worst was over.  I thought wrong.  The shoulder work does not consist just of putting in curbs and sidewalks, but digging huge trenches for new sewer lines.  In the digging, a backhoe caught hold of our water line, prompting this emergency action at the end of our driveway:


Thank goodness it happened after my morning shower, but we were without water for most of the day.  By tomorrow they should have moved beyond our driveway and as far as I know there are no other water lines in the area.  And the beat goes on!  I’m posting early this week because I have to work Friday and have lots of commitments coming up.  School has started – I’m taking Gerontology and the Psychology of Motivation.  TONS of reading to do.  My eyes are blurring (but thankfully, not bleeding – yet).  See you next week when I come up for air!

4 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. Wow! I love the Tulip Cardigan. I have seen others on the net, also. Wish I had a babe to knit for. Sounds like Hester is pretty perky. That’s good. Kirby sounds like a doll, too. Hope your weekend isn’t too frantic. I’ll be thinking of Hester and hoping she stays lively.

  2. WOW. A new pretty blogskin. Love it.

    Guess the Hester vest can’t be fully appreciated until we get a modeled shot.

    The Tulip cardigan is so colorful and pretty. Perfect for a little girl. Too bad about the yarn, though.

    Had to laugh at your construction mishap, but not too heartily since the trenches haven’t been dug in front of our property yet. Who knows what further adventures the late summer will bring.

    Knitting and blogging have taken a back seat to other activities for many of us. I’m off to spend the afternoon and evening with Granddaughter Kimmy.

  3. Glad to hear that Hester is having some good times! I lost a dog to cancer years ago. We took it one day at a time….we had many good days – each one VERY precious! Cherish them, as I know you will.

    Nice knits, and lovely new blog look. The road construction – well you have my sympathy!!

    Going now to the KnitPicks site….

  4. You neglected to mention (although I guess you didn’t really have to) that you redesigned your blog. It looks great.

    Too bad about the road construction. They dug up the streets around here last year to fix the water mains, and now there is repaving going on everywhere. Luckily it is far enough away so I don’t get the noise and dirt, but I don’t envy you.

    Glad to hear Hester is feeling ok.

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