D’oh! Redux

I am such a dork!  Oh, wait – you knew that already.  So, I located my pattern and started working on the second front to the Hester vest.  Finished it in quick order.  Went to do the three needle bind off to attach to the back and realized that the two sides didn’t match.  I did the first one wrong.  Completely wrong.  As in, the only fix is to frog all the way to the beginning.  D’oh!!  You can’t see from the pictures, but the pattern is a checkerboard and the squares should oppose at the shoulders.  If I had done them both wrong, then two wrongs would have made a right, right?  But having one wrong and one right didn’t work.  It’s a good thing this is a fun, relaxing (???) knit. 

So, to distract you from all that – less than two weeks to go before leaving for Orlando.  Let’s hear a woo! and a hoo!  You know what that means don’t you?  Project packing.  What, oh what shall I take?  It can’t be too bulky, but there needs to be enough so that if I get bored or if a project is not working out I have some options.  You guys understand, right?  So – here are the candidates, in no particular order.

Cookie A.’s "Twisted Flower Sock".  The yarn:  Knitpicks Gloss:


Plain Jane socks with a picot edge.  The yarn:  Trekking:


Horcrux Socks by Susan Lawrence.  The yarn:  Opal Handpaint.


Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring also by Susan Lawrence.  The yarn:  some poor pink laceweight that has been auditioned for numerous projects and frogged.  It’s getting a little grimy.  The last iteration was Icarus, which although quite lovely, just was not working for me:


Oh, and of course the second I Love Gansey sock will go with me to be finished.  So there you have it.  Do I take any?  All?  Some? 

No construction pictures to show today.  The workers have taken a week off, so blessed quiet.  However, hubby did email me this stunning picture.  This is the bridge that comes over to our beautiful island:


I’m sure you’ve noticed the new blogskin.  I have mixed feelings.  The design is quite pretty, but for some reason the pictures come out huge and with low resolution even though I am editing them the same way I always have.  And the print is a little small.  Let me know what you think.  For me, ease of reading is first and appearance second, so I’m not adverse to changing back.

10 thoughts on “D’oh! Redux

  1. Wow. The picture of the bridge is terrific. You must live in a gorgeous place, road construction and all. Sorry to hear you have to frog part of the vest, but I’ve certainly been there, done that. Ah, what we won’t do for our knitting. Sounds like you are getting well organized for your trip. Projects first, then worry about clothing, I always say.

  2. I hate it when patterns don’t line up at the shoulders and sides, and sometimes it is impossible to figure this out until you start knitting. And the inevitable frogging takes place. I just try to think of how happy I’ll be when the problem is corrected (that, of course, after muttering many unkind remarks).

    The brown Knit Picks Gloss is beautiful, and I really like Cookie A’s patterns, although sock knitting for me seems to have been edged out by sweaters and shawls this year.

    Your island looks fantastic. I enjoyed living on another island–Manhattan–but there aren’t quite so many trees there.

  3. Love the bridge picture. What is what? Is that your island in the middle? Is Washington mainland on the right?

    With a new baby and a two year old to enjoy, you may need simple projects so you can throw them down on a seconds notice and pick back up later without wondering where you are in the pattern.

    Can’t imagine knitting those Cookie socks in the midst of a lively family situation.

    How long are you staying?

    And, what’s with calling yourself a “dork”. I just don’t think so!

  4. All I can say is that if you take Cookie’s Twisted Flower, I would also take the simple Trekking – BALANCE! One for moments with no distractions and one for anytime knitting…

  5. With your recent sock yarn stash enhancement, I would think it might be wise to take sock knitting with you. Maybe the Twisted Flower socks and the Plain Janes so that you have something interesting and complicated and something mindless for semi-distracted moments. The colourways are different enough to keep some interest going.

  6. I’d take all the projects you can fit in your suitcase. You never know.
    I’ve never seen that bridge, it’s lovely. And the new blogskin is fine, but I have a huge monitor. I think with a PC mouse (not a Mac), there’s some way that you can use the scroll button/wheel to instantly increase the print size on the fly. I haven’t figured out how to do this with the Mac.

  7. You have to drive over that bridge to get to your house??? I want to come to visit! I like the new look, Dorothy. It’s clean and sharp. And, are you seriously going to be able to knit all that stuff when you are snuggling grandbabies?

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