Water, water everywhere

Water, water everywhere!  Well, not exactly everywhere.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll remember that water mains and I have a checkered history.  Several years ago a water main burst in front of my office, flooding the parking lot to the extent that firemen were actually diving right where my Mini usually parks (I got it out in time).  A couple of weeks ago the construction workers on the highway broke a water main in front of our house.  This is what greeted me when I arrived at work this morning:


Another water main burst – even worse than before (yes, that is part of the highway that is missing).  The resulting flood actually came up under the building into our office, soaking the carpets.  We have no water, so the office is shut down for the day, with hopes that we will be able to open tomorrow.  On the bright side, I got an unexpected day off, with pay. 

So, I can catch up on few last minute items before I go.  First off, a model shot for Marguerite:


I managed to find some buttons on island and finished it.  I’m pretty pleased with the fit, although I thought the waist shaping would show up more.  But I guess if you don’t have a waist to start with, shaping one into a sweater isn’t going to do any good!  It also looks dreadful buttoned up – really emphasizes the no-waist thing.  But I’m kind of used to that.  On the plus side, a long vest worn open over a tucked in shirt actually makes me look as if I do have a waist.

Yesterday we went down the island for a "Wag and Walk" with Hester.  The event itself wasn’t all that great, but it gave us a day out with her and we were able to try out some leash-free trails.  It was a great day and Hester was beautifully behaved in the leash-free areas.  We had a wonderful day of making memories with her:


Lest you think we discriminated against Kirby, he hates riding in the car and is a nervous wreck around big dogs, so he stayed at home.  Hester, on the other hand, is as calm as all get out in the car and around other dogs.

It looks like I’ll have enough time to finish up my I Love Gansey socks before I go.  I’m past the heel and all gusset stitches have been decreased.  I probably won’t post before I go, but I’ll take a picture and will have internet access at Ben & Abby’s.  See you then!

Update – finished:


I Love Gansey socks.  Pattern by Janine Le Cras.  Yarn – Regia Silk.  Size 0 needles.


12 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. Oh, Dorothy, what terrific pictures of you in the vest and you with Hester. I’m so glad you had such a good time with her. And nothing like a day off with pay!! The vest looks great and ditto the socks. I understand about pups who don’t do well in certain situations. We used to have to sedate Wolfie around the 4th of July. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

  2. After I got done admiring the vest, my next thought was that you look way too young to be a grandma.

    The vest looks great and very practical. That tweed yarn and basketweave stitch is a perfect combination.

    This is the summer for big yellow equipment, isn’t it? I can see and hear at least three of them out my front window this morning. What would we do without them?

    Have a great trip. I remember (I think) that Ivy is due September 15, but I don’t remember how long you’re going to be gone?

  3. The vest looks great, as does the modeling shot. I’m finding Silky Wool to drape beautifully. If you wore a thinner sweater to shirt under the vest, wouldn’t it cling to you a bit more? That is, I was assuming some of the “shaping” in the sweater I’m knitting would come as much from the fabric as from the indents around the waist.

    I’m a little concerned that Silky Wool will require major shaping when you wash it after finishing (that is, when you wear it and then wash it to keep it clean). Are you finding it somewhat stretchy?

  4. I’ve been trying to comment and it’s finally working! Wonderful Hester portraits, both knitted and petted. Wishing happy days to come,

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