Just waiting

After a long day’s travel, we arrived in Orlando safe and sound on Friday night.  This delightful sight was awaiting us:


We were surprised at how quickly Isobel warmed up to us.  I think she remembered us from our visit last Christmas.  She is especially taken with her Grandpa, as this picture attests:


She calls him "ye-ye", which is Mandarin for grandpa.  Yesterday was spent resting up and grocery shopping.  Today, we made the trip to Ocala to meet up with our friend, who was so kind as to deliver this:


It was just serendipity that he was out visiting us in Washington several weeks ago and volunteered to carry the rocking horse back with him to Florida in his car.  Also a big thanks to Kris and Dana, who also volunteered.  As you can see, the horse is a big hit!

Now we are down to the waiting game and trying not to drive Abby crazy!  We hope to keep busy with play dates and some last minute shopping, and of course, enjoying Isobel.

10 thoughts on “Just waiting

  1. How wonderful! Enjoy every minute with your lovely family. Mother and I are driving to Missouri on Wednesday to visit your mother and father before going back through Mtn. Grove and then to Springfield. Safe journey!

  2. WOW! I am catching up on my blog reading (I got behind when I was spending so much time with my Pre/Post surgical mom). Do I have some catching up to do on your blog!! How exciting!! A beautiful new grandbaby!! Congrats – from the bottom of my heart. Your family is gorgeous…both girls are so precious. You are a very lucky grandma – but then I am sure you know that!!

    Also, love your grey vest. It fits you so well, looks lovely!

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