9 thoughts on “Knitting Lesson

  1. Oh, how very precious. She looks so different, like a girl and not a baby. She will have such fond memories of watching Nana knit.

  2. What great pictures–and how terrific it is to have someone that young to teach to knit.

    I’ve told my son, who is in no danger of giving me any grandchildren for quite some time, that when he finds his intended she has to either knit already or want to learn. I tried to convince him that knitting was just the thing for his stint at jury duty, and he looked at me as if I was insane. Perhaps I am in this regard. His 4th grade class had a unit in which they learned to knit, and his effort looked more like macrame than knitting. So you can see why I think you’re lucky to have a potential knitter in your family.

  3. As I was waiting for your blog to come up I said out loud “I hope there’s a new baby picture!” I’m so happy for the safe journey – Ivy’s and your’s.

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