All is quiet

All is quiet here (at least for a few moments), so I’ll try to get a quick post in.  Life is settling into a bit of a routine with two little girls.  I am amazed at how good they both are.  For a two-year old, Isobel has very few meltdowns and only uses "no" occasionally.  She is well behaved and loving.  And did I mention she LOVES her little sister?


The only problem is keeping her from loving a little too vigorously!  She loves music and is constantly singing.  She likes to lean over the crib and sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" in Mandarin to Ivy.

Those of you who suggested keeping the knitting simple were right on the mark.  I opted for simple stockinette socks and my only variety has been color.  Here are the socks I’ve accomplished so far, reclining on the porch swing:


From left to right – Trekking, Essentials Shale Multi and Essentials Tuscany Multi.  Immediately after this photo session they begged to be taken inside because it is just too dang hot for wool socks to be lounging around in the sun.  I ordered the new Knitpicks Harmony dpn’s and had them shipped here.  The verdict?  An overwhelming thumbs up!  They have sharp tips, smooth surfaces and don’t seem as bendy as bamboos.   And the pretty colors exactly match the Essentials Tuscany yarn.

Sometimes in Orlando we feel as if we’ve stepped into a foreign country.  On the day Ivy was born we were driving to the hospital.  As we left the housing development where Ben and Abby live, we passed a small pond.  I kid you not, there was a six foot alligator sunning himself on the bank.  This was within 20 feet of someone’s backyard, across the street from a daycare center and within 500 feet of a school!  Unfortunately I didn’t have the presence of mind to photograph it.  I’ll stick with the bunnies and deer that grace our yard, thank you very much!

10 thoughts on “All is quiet

  1. The 2 girls are lovely, Ivy looks just like a baby doll. I am glad to hear the Harmony’s are thumbs up. I was considering the interchangeable set and haven’t read too many reviews.

  2. Oh, I’m with you. No Florida for this kid. I’m scared to death of those creatures. The picture of the girls is just adorable. How sweet and dear they are. Glad you are getting lots of sock knitting in, despite the heat. That’s the other reason the Southern states are not for me. I like it cool to cold. So glad you are having a good time.

  3. That first picture is wonderfully sweet! My oldest’s (2-1/2 at the time) first response when she came into the hospital room and saw her baby sister for the first time was “I want to hold my baby.” It was priceless.

  4. Such a sweet and blessed picture…you’ll have to show it to them when they are teenagers and not so lovey dovey 🙂

    I love all your sock, sometimes simple is just what you need!

    Glad you met the official Florida welcoming committee, just keep your hands inside the car please 🙂

  5. We have bunnies and deer as well here in Florida. And a little thing called sunlight. I imagine Mr. Alligator was maybe hoping a little bunny or deer might come a little closer if ya know what I mean.

    The gators actually freak me out quite a bit. I’m a bit twitty anytime we’re near a lake. Once they became protected by law the gators started to multiply like crazy. They give me the willies.

  6. Such beautiful girls – and knitting. I’m planning to attend a Dallas Knit Out and Crochet Too. I get along pretty well with the knitting and purling, but I have a tendency to add stitches, and I need to learn how to unravel. I’ve tried, and just can’t quite get the hang, so hopefully at their lessons, I could learn that. Also, I’m taking another beginning knitting class the following two Saturdays (making a purse out of stockinette – not felted). That’s a bit ambitious if one hasn’t knitted (to me) because if you make mistakes at first, it can be a bit exasperating.

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