Precious little knitting has been accomplished this week, so you’ll just have to make do with pictures of granddaughterly cuteness.  I know it’s a tough assignment, but I feel you’re up to it.  Actually, there has been a little knitting.  Izzy was so fascinated by the socks that I made her a pair of her own:


Red wool is probably not the most practical for the hot Florida climate, but she seems to enjoy playing with them.  By the way, this was the only way we could capture her to hold still for a moment for a photo.  However, she does hold still briefly for a little cuddling with baby sister:


She looks so big next to Ivy.  Ivy is growing and looking more like a baby than a newborn:


And, in a bit of good fortune, hubby’s sister from Michigan and her family just happen to be in Orlando this week visiting Disney.   Isobel and Nana drove over to the Polynesian resort to meet them for lunch:


Just four more days and I head home.  I’ll be sorry to leave the munchkins, but I am definitely leaving them in very capable hands.  And I miss hubby terribly.  He’s been gone a week and I know he is a little lonely too.  He also reports that fall is moving into the Pacific Northwest.  Can’t wait to experience some sweater weather!

6 thoughts on “Granddaughters

  1. What a wonderful family you have, Dorothy. Children are such a blessing, newborns, toddlers and even adult ones. What better proof than this that life goes on. I know you will be sorry to leave them, but guess what? Yellowstone is getting snow, and the high today is in the upper 50’s. This is major knitting weather. Have a safe trip home.

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