Brookhaven Rosewood Sunbeam "Hester"
                                          February 13, 2004 – November 8, 2007

We thought we had weeks with Hester, but it turned out to be only days.  Things came to a crisis and by this afternoon it became apparent that we could not in good conscience let her go even one more day.  She slipped away peacefully while Bill and I held her.  We are heartbroken.  She was not only the best dog we’ve ever had, but the best that we’ve ever known.  Everyone who met her remarked on her sweet and gentle spirit.  Even toward the end, when she was in pain, she never snapped or even growled.  Goodbye sweet Hester.  We will miss you.

18 thoughts on “Hester

  1. Dear Dorothy, I am so sorry for you and Bill. I know the pain you feel and the loss and the emptiness. Be comforted in the knowledge that she is now free of pain and sickness, and is awaiting your reunion one day. What wonderful memories you have of her. And know that your lives were enriched by her presence. Sometimes God grants us that one special pet in our lives, and Hester is yours. You will go through the grieving process just as you would for a human. Reach out to those of us who are here to help you. We truly, truly care and are holding all of you in our hearts and prayers.

  2. It takes such courage to let them go. I am sending beardie (that is, bearded collie) white light to assist you in remembering the happier times. Forever in your hearts, I’m sure.

  3. Hester was fortunate to get to spend her life with people who loved her so very much. Your readers are fortunate that you shared her with us. Sending you thoughts of comfort and love.

  4. Dorothy, I am so behind with my blog reading, and my goodness, this is such a terrible thing. Hester is without a doubt one of the best furry friends you will ever have. You have shared a wonderful dog with all of us, and we will miss her right along with you.

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