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For over 10 years I’ve met with a small group of quilters.  We started off as a Round Robin group, but have branched out into other projects as well.  Over the years the others have come and gone, but there are three of us that have been there since the beginning.  We only number four now, with the fifth on sabbatical, but it is a great group of women and we treasure our time together.  Our two projects recently have been Mystery Quilts.  Friday night we met for the last clue in our current mystery.  Today I spent all day in the sewing room finishing up:


Up until Friday night none of us had any idea how this was going to come together, but I am quite pleased.  Now I’m debating whether to hand quilt or machine quilt.  I am a dyed-in-the wool hand quilter.  I love doing it and I love the results I get.  In fact, I have won quite a few awards for my hand quilting.  But it takes so long!  I have been dabbling in machine quilting and I have mixed feelings.  It’s definitely faster, but not nearly as relaxing and the results I get are certainly not as refined.  I know there is a learning curve and I would get better with practice, but . . . . For now, however, this will go on the back burner while I finish other projects.

While I was sewing I had companions to keep me company:


Yes, that’s a hand knit afghan that Maggie’s sleeping on.  It’s an Aran afghan from the 80’s – you know, the harvest gold years?  It’s full of bobbles, so I had to put it down inside out because Maggie liked chewing on them.

On the knitting front, I frogged the Bright Traditions child’s sweater.  I liked the pattern, but the collar called for was a shawl collar, and no matter what I did, it just wasn’t coming out nicely.  I could have ripped down to the start of the collar and recalculated a crew neck, but somehow I just kept going.  A little hissy fit, I guess.  But fear not, because on our Bellingham yarn craw I had picked up a cute gansey pattern by Silver Creek and I’m almost back up to the collar again:


Pattern is Toddler’s Cable Yoke Guernsey Pullover by Silver Creek, yarn is Wool of Andes in Spruce on size 5 needles.  This will be for Children in Common.

And speaking of needles, I got a Knitpicks order this week.  A whole handful of Harmony wood needles.  I really do like them!  Mom and Dad just gave me money this Christmas so I was able to indulge – thanks Mom and Dad!  Also in the mail, The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum, courtesy of a gift certificate from Ben & Abby (thanks guys!).  Lots of recipes for really luscious breads – can’t wait to do some baking. 

I may or may not be able to post next week.  Last month was the ballet, this month is the opera.  My sister and I are going to see Pagliacci.  I’ve never been to the opera before and I’m really looking forward to it.  Once again, Bill is glad he dodged this bullet!  I’ll give you a full report.

6 thoughts on “Quilting and more

  1. I think you are one of those individuals, Dorothy, that excels at everything you do. The quilt is beautiful, and anyone who can hand quilt leaves me in awe. Of course, the added touch of a doggie audience is so nice. I hope you enjoy the opera. That is something I have always wanted to do. My DH would dodge that bullet big time. Have fun!

  2. That is such a pretty quilt. I understand your desire to hand sew the quilt. I think there is nothing like hand sewing for control and precision, and I do a lot of my garment sewing by hand (almost everything but the major seams).

    I’ve gotten the harmony circular needles in the small sizes, and I really like them. I’ll probably add more sizes to my collection before long.

    If you’re new to an opera, it sometimes helps to listen to it before you go to the opera house. Once you’re familiar with the music and plot (which is usually just an excuse to move from one aria to another), the performance is more meaningful. I still do this for operas that I haven’t heard before. My local library has a good selection of operas, and you might check to see if yours does also.

  3. That Maggie is fitting right in.

    No opinions on the quilting method. Thank goodness I haven’t got hooked into that. I only have room for one kind of stash. Sure is pretty to look at, though.

  4. Just the opposite at our house. Bob loves to listen to opera, especially the sopranos. I dislike the plots and the music sounds like wailing to me, especially the sopranos. Guess I’m an opera heathen.

    Isn’t it cozy to create beautiful things with all our fuzzy friends in attendance? It’s nice that the senior dog gets the chair and the young upstart sleeps on the floor.

  5. Beautiful Quilt, Dorothy! I’ve made the switch from hand to machine quilting. After hand quilting more than my share of bed quilts, I realized that the most enjoyable part of quilting for me is the planning/piecing and that if I machine quilt, I have time to make more quilts! (but then of course knitting happened and I’m still not making more quilts!)
    Your toddler sweater is adorable!

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