Baby, It’s cold outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Well, those of you in Minnesota and Michigan would probably beg to differ.  It’s been in the teens and twenties at night here.  For us that’s pretty chilly.  The upside is that we’re actually getting a little sunshine.  We haven’t had sunshine in weeks and I had almost forgotten what it looked like.  The answer is, "Bright!"  I feel as if we’re all little moles coming out of our holes and squinting.

My first opera experience was great fun.  My sister and I went to see Pagliacci.  I would definitely go again.  No pictures this time because we were in the audience where, of course, pictures are not allowed.  There was plenty of time to knit over the weekend and I finished a toddler sized gansey (still needs blocking):


And started another:


The pattern is Toddler’s Cable Yoke Guernsey Pullover by Silver Creek, yarn Wool of the Andes in Spruce and Stream, size 5 needles.  Very quick and easy pattern and highly recommended.  I’ve set a goal of two sweaters for the current CIC challenge and I should reach that with no trouble.

I would try to do more little sweaters, but school is in session and taking a fair amount of time.  I think this may be the hardest class I have ever taken.  Not the course work – that seems as if it’s going to be pretty easy.  The hardest part is just staying motivated.  Only 3 months to go – it hardly seems possible!!!  What will I do with myself when I don’t spend part of my evenings studying?  Blog more?  Knit more?  Take a nap? 

Maybe knit and sew more for the grandbabies.  Remember the little white set I made for Ivy that was too big to be a newborn set?  She finally grew into it:


Even Isobel got into the act by modeling the hat:


The jacket is the one I made for her on my sewing getaway.

And lest she be forgotten, my other baby is growing way too fast as well:


I still don’t think I’m done crying for Hester.  Maybe you never get to that point.  I had a bit of a meltdown the other day when I took Maggie out for a walk and ran into someone who did not know about Hester.  I told him, and on the way back through the woods we walked by Hester’s grave.  But Maggie has been such a solace to us.  It’s hard to be sad too long with her puppy antics keeping us entertained.  The one sad thing is that I think Hester would have loved her!  Several days ago Bill took her to coffee with him.  He and his car buddies get together at a boat shop near our home.  One of the other guys brought his dog – an Irish Setter mix about four times as big as Maggie.  They really hit it off and started playing tug-o-war with a toy.  The other dog was so big that he was dragging Maggie all over the floor.  And she was having a blast!


5 thoughts on “Baby, It’s cold outside!

  1. I know, Dorothy, I know. As wonderful as Milo has turned out to be, and as much as we love him, a big piece of my heart is still with Wolfie. Meltdowns are ok. I have them all the time. Hang on the to fact that Hester awaits you all in a better place. If I didn’t have that, I think I’d crumble.

  2. The Ganseys look nice. I’d really like to knit one for myself eventually. And Ivy looks so chic.

    I have never really gotten over losing my favorite cat, April. I’ve had other cats, but she was “the one”. I console myself by knowing that she knew I loved and cared for her. She was a stray, and a not very attractive cat. It is unlikely that she would have lived had I not taken her from the shelter. So for eight years, we both made each other very happy.

  3. All the girls are looking so cute. Great pictures. Beautiful knitting, and sewing.

    Is that a live dog on the right side of Izzy’s picture?

    The WoA looks glossy. Is that from the sunshine?

    We have sun in the forecast for Friday. I’m so excited! By then there should be over a foot of new snow for it to reflect off of and it will be dazzling.

  4. Hi Dorothy – from the Great White North (Ottawa)!
    We know cold!
    Soon I’ll be digging into some of that Bellingham Yarn Crawl Stash to make the Kate Gilbert design – Wintergreen Mitts. Cascade 220 – doubled. I should have knit them earlier…

  5. Cute projects, and cute grandbabies!
    I think we need to get our two Corgi pups together for a play date. I think that Lewey would be enchanted by Maggie! And I’ve been watching the home temp from here. I don’t think I want to get back on that plane tomorrow.

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