Another Week Down

Another week down and one more week closer to graduation.  Can you tell I’m anxious?  I think this may be the most difficult semester I’ve had.  No blood squirting out the eyeballs ala Statistics.  In fact, the class I have is pretty easy.  And the two seminars I need to take involve some reading, but are Pass/Fail, so no stress there.  It’s just being so close!!  I just want to be done.

I did spend a lot of the week nights studying, which meant I had today to play in my sewing room.  I love making dresses for granddaughters:


As much as I love sewing, it was a given I would have no daughters, but now it’s pay back time!  I’ll be doing a lot of sewing in the next two months, because I get to go to Orlando!  My sister and I are heading out there in April and I want to have a bunch of outfits to take to the girls.  I also have a sun suit almost done for Ivy, but it’s not ready for its portrait yet.

Also finished this week, a CIC sweater:


This completes my goal of two sweaters for the current challenge and they will be mailed off this week.  This also gets me down to only three projects (plus one in hibernation).  Abby’s sweater just needs the sleeves sewn in and the zipper.  I did work on the border of the Garden Path shawl this week.  Man, it is slow going.  Usually the borders are one of my favorite aspect of shawls, but this one is going to take forever.  I must say I kind of like Knitting Peace.  I’ll probably be looking to start some socks soon, but am not sure which ones. 

Yesterday we took a drive down the island to see Maggie’s breeder so she could be microchipped.  The gang was very happy to see her:


Believe it or not, Maggie was at the bottom of that pile!  I think she was just a trifle overwhelmed.  We also got to visit with puppies.  One of her Cardigans had just had a litter.  They are four weeks old now and cute as a button:


Speaking of graduation – I created a ticker for Ticker Factory to countdown, but I have no idea how to insert it into my blog.  Anyone out there familiar with TypePad that could give me a quick tutorial?

7 thoughts on “Another Week Down

  1. I can relate to your statement “as much as I love sewing, it’s a given I would have no daughters”. I love to sew, too, and what did I wind up with? Five sons! No grandchildren yet, but I’m hoping. That dress is so cute!

  2. I hadn’t even thought about all the potential sewing fun this grandma thing might might have to offer!! Oh – what fun I will have!!

    Your CIC sweater looks very nice. I like YOUR rolled neck.

    The doggies are so cute! I bet Maggie was a little overwhelmed by all that love.

  3. The dress is adorable! When is your trip? I need to schedule an April trip as well. It’s only two months away now.

    That’s an amazing dog picture. Has Maggie recovered from all that love yet? Do they have all those dogs running free around the house? Is Lucy in that picture somewhere?

    Nice CIC sweater. I’m looking forward to adding your two to the tally.

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