Let It Snow!

Let it snow!  Well, for all of 5 minutes, anyway.  We got sleety rain last night and just a few minutes of snow this morning.  For now, the sun is shining and we’re enjoying that big yellow thing in the sky.

More sorting out and finishing projects this week.  My Easter egg socks are done:


I love the color, but am less enamored of the yarn.  This is Trekking XXL.  I love the colors of Trekking, but find it rather harsh next to some of the more lovely yarns.  I also should have used a size 0 instead of a size 1.  The fabric is just a little flimsy.  And they match, except at the toes.  What’s with that?  Anyway, they’re done. 

I spent some time updating Ravelry.  In keeping with really looking at projects and deciding whether or not they are worthy of my time, I have frogged the lone panel of the Guernsey afghan.  I probably will crank out a square of the All American Aran Afghan from time to time when I want a short break from other projects, but those will be for fun and as the spirit moves, so I’m not adding it to my projects.  That leaves me with only four projects (be still my heart!).  Of those, three are very close to being done.  The cable and rib jacket just needs the sleeves sewn in and a zipper, the toddler sweater is all done except for the sleeves and the Garden Shawl just needs the border.  I think I’m beginning to feel a little knitting peace stealing in.  Although I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, my goal this year is to declutter my life in general.  Less projects, less junk, less confusion.

Of course, that’s not to say nothing new will be started.  My Round Robin quilt group is starting a new project.  Our assignment was to bring a square to the next meeting, we will exchange and each person adds to the square.  We continue trading until we’ve all had a chance to work on each other’s square.  I spent yesterday working on my contribution.   I decided to do something a little different – not sure if the rest of the group will shoot me or not!  I made 24 squares!  I found these cute redwork (only I used blue) patterns for an Old Testament quilt.  Here are two of my favorites:



Of course, the group won’t have to add to each square.  Their challenge will be to put the squares together into a quilt.  It’s a fun group and they are used to being thrown a curve ball and adapt very, very well!

In poking around Ravelry, I found a group of knitters with Corgis!  What fun.  So many cute little puppy faces.  It’s interesting looking at all the groups – there is literally a group for anything, and I mean anything!  I’m trying to limit how many I join – it’s just impossible to keep up.

Nothing exciting for the agenda this week.  There’s a long stretch with no trips or exciting cultural events.  But it is also a long stretch that I can dedicate to school.

8 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Love the quilt squares!

    The socks are very pretty. No reason I can see the toes shouldn’t match. I was thinking of buying some Trekking for Gail’s birthday socks, so thank for heading me off that idea.

    Four knitting projects down from nine is very impressive. Congratulations.

    Guess I’ll stick to Opal, the machine washable, indestructable yarn that’s great for gift giving.

  2. Pretty socks! I like Trekking XXL because it is hard wearing, but I’ve used only dark colours; I guess hard wearing and pretty don’t go together.

    Like you, I vowed that this year I will de-clutter the clutter, and I will finish the unfinished. As I look at my stash, I am somewhat comforted should there be a recession πŸ˜‰

  3. Trekking may not be super soft or cushy but you can’t beat their scrumptious colors and hard wear. Have you washed em yet? They do get softer.

    Love that quilt to be!

  4. The socks are attractive and very spring-like. They remind me of the Tulip jacket you knit a while ago.

    I’ve been trying to clear away a few weekend hours to devote to Ravelry and its various groups, but so far I’ve just given myself minutes of guilty pleasure. Even though your “free time” is going to be devoted to school, it is nice to have a block without many commitments.

  5. Nice spring socks for an icky winter day! We had about 2 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. You should have seen Lewey out in it–he had a blast.
    I love the quilt squares!

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