When Lewey Met Maggie

Where to begin with the fabulous weekend I just spent with Lorette and Kris?  First of all, I began to wonder if the weekend would ever begin!  A drive that should normally take about 2.5 hours turned into a nightmare commute of almost 5 hours.  There were a great many stretches when I was only doing 5-10 miles an hour on the freeway.  Who would have ever thought that I’d be giddy with delight when it got up to 30 miles an hour??  When we arrived, John had driven over to pick up Lorette and Kris from the Madrona festival, but he had left the door open for us.  Riley and Lewey invited us in and offered to show us where the best silver was kept.  I told them I’d settle for Lorette’s stash.  Kris, having gotten there first was allocated what I refer to as "The Stash Bedroom".  Lucky girl!  I wonder if Lorette checked her luggage when she left.

For Lewey and Maggie, it was love at first sight!  There was Corgi wrestling and tug-o-war and wonderful games of tag.  Poor Riley was quite bemused by it all and you could just see him looking at us and thinking, "Kids!" 



Maggie did take time out from the festivities to enjoy the view:


She learned a lot from Lewey and Riley, including how to behave off leash.  We took a long walk in the woods and although Maggie had never been off leash before, we decided to give it a go.  She did so well that for the rest of the weekend, she was able to go outside off leash for potty breaks.  I still would not trust her near a road or with too many distractions, but it was certainly a start.  John was an excellent puppy sitter while we were at Madrona and I think Maggie was almost as sorry to leave him as she was Lewey.


On Saturday morning John dropped us off at Madrona and while Kris and Lorette took a class, I immersed myself in the Merchant Mall.  There was a nice mix of vendors, with no two booths having exactly the same thing.  They all had a different flavor, which made for a fun shopping experience.  I didn’t go overboard, but I’ll post more about my finds next time.  I then retired to the lobby where tables were set up with free coffee.  I spent a lovely several hours knitting and visiting with other knitters and watching the fabulous fashion show that traipsed in and out.  Of course, everyone was wearing their finest knits. 

At noon, John picked us up and treated us to lunch.  Then it was home for the aforementioned walk in the woods.  When we came home the dogs crashed and Kris, Lorette and I retired to the couch for a knitting party:


One of the classes Kris and Lorette took together was on Continental knitting and you can see them there practicing their technique.  And they’re even smiling!  We spent the evening knitting and being spoiled rotten by John, who served us martinis, wine (I’d better check my cables!) and then escorted us into the dining room for excellent Paella:


I can definitely say that a fun time was had by all.  This morning Kris flew off to Orlando at the crack of dawn and I headed back to the island.  Fortunately the drive only took 2.5 hours, with one tired little puppy sound asleep in the back seat.  Stay tuned for reports of yarn and pattern acquisition!

10 thoughts on “When Lewey Met Maggie

  1. Looking forward to seeing your loot. Did you see the Harlot? I’ve dipped into the stash from our Bellingham Yarn Crawl to make mittens.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! So nice that Maggie was able to partake also. Can hardly wait for your next post – anxious to see your new treasures.

    Love the ladybug dress in your previous post. Also that shot of Maggie 1 and 2 – so cute!

  3. Maggie has once again proven she is super photogenic. That picture of Maggie and the red tulips is a classic.

    Of all the things in this post that might make me totally jealous, the red tulips take the prize. Gotta have some! Wonder where I can get some!

    Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

    What’s with the slow driving? Was it weather related? I’ve been so wrapped up in our bad weather driving, I missed hearing about a problem in your part of the country.

  4. It looks as if you and Maggie had a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what you bought. I checked the vendor list, and there were many really great vendors–some that unfortunately don’t come East much.

  5. Loved the doggy pictures. It looks like a pretty place. I can’t wait to see what you go there. They didn’t have Madrona when I lived in WA…hope I’ll get to go in the future. It looks like you and Maggie were pampered and had fun.

  6. We had just the best time with you all here! Lewey is sulking at the moment. He keeps looking around the house, and I’m pretty sure he’s looking for his girlfriend!

  7. I can’t wait to see what you bought at Madrona. I’ve been knitting the Noro sock yarn with the 2.25 mm 9″ circulars. A woman at the optometrist’s office asked what I was knitting. When I replied that I was knitting a sock she called over her 6 year old to come look. The woman said that she didn’t think people knit socks anymore. I felt like a circus side show. 😉

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